Above and Beyond

That space above the cabinets is the perfect place to add personality to a kitchen. But maybe you need ideas before you start a display. Pull up a step-stool and read all about our four ways to decorate above your kitchen cabinets.

Global Vibes

Start with one large item that will be your focus, and place it slightly off-center. From there, you can add to your theme with objects that are related by color, culture and geography but different in texture and height. Look for colorful LED candles with timers. They’ll highlight your mix of carved surfaces and metallic finishes. And whether your influence is African or Eastern in origin, warm colors will serve you best.

Key ingredients: Figurative sculpture, spicy colors, dried reeds.

Eclectic Charms

The cabinet top is a collector’s dream, the perfect place to display a range of one-of-a-kind finds. One theme—we chose butterflies—can tie everything together, especially when repeated in different forms on different elements. Since everything will be viewed from a distance, it’s important to include tall items, like a large clock or oversized candlesticks, to draw the eye up and set off smaller pieces in the front.

Key ingredients: A nature-inspired theme, florals, pastel colors.

Traditional Comforts

Symmetry—or something close to it—is what you’re going for in a traditional display. So you can frame your arrangement, then work toward the center. We’ve used topiaries but maybe you’ll choose sculpture or framed botanical prints. From there, fill in the center with large serving platters, maybe heirloom pieces or vintage pottery, always balancing those with smaller, softer details like faux fruit or dried florals.

Key ingredients: Earthenware, classic shapes, potted plants.

Modern Shapes

The goal with a modern arrangement is to combine a few big, bold statement pieces in an unexpected way. A fresh combination of geometric shapes, a metallic wall panel paired with neon, sculptural vases, art displayed with practical but sleek wine storage—that’s our idea of modern. Just a little on the minimalist side but never cold or colorless.

Key ingredients: Art, statement vases.

Once you’ve got the main items in place (or securely mounted on the wall) updates and seasonal looks are easy. Add a harvest wreath into the mix for autumn. Wind garland around pieces when it’s holiday time. Just mixing in one or two seasonal looks can make all the difference.

And when you’re ready to bring your new look into the dining room, we have ideas for that, too.