Counterpoints: Scaling the Heights of Comfort Counterpoints: Scaling the Heights of Comfort

Getting chairs and stools of the right height is really pretty simple. In every case, the goal is to provide enough clearance between chair seats and the underside of the table surface to sit comfortably, typically 11-13”. Because table and counter heights can vary, we carry chairs and stools at three different heights.

Dining Chair Seats Dining Chair Seats


Dining tables are 28-30” tall. Dining chair seats are 18-20 1/4”. See more of our dining chairs.

Counterstools Counterstools


Countertops and counter tablesare 35-36” tall. Counterstool seats are 24-27 1/2”. See more of our counterstools.



Bar tables and bars are 40-43” tall. Barstool seats are 30-32”. See more of our barstools.

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Here's an easy way to find the chair you need. Start with your table, counter or bar height—is it lower than your stove, the same height, or taller? If it’s lower than your stove, you need dining chairs. If it’s the same height as your stove, you need counterstools. If it’s taller, you need barstools.