Sleep By Design

What does your bedroom style say about you?

Our design preferences speak volumes about who we are. Discover which of these four bedrooms created by our stylists best expresses the real you.

Global Vibes Global Vibes

World Furniture: Your love of the exotic draws you to the unique, the unfamiliar and the unequivocally international. So start your bedroom design by anchoring it with intricately woven or carved furniture from places with names like Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang and Bandung (all available at your nearby Pier 1). Mix in pieces from your own travels when you can.

Earthy Textiles: Geographic and cultural influences can be reflected through your choice of fabrics. Shades of brown, green, blue and other nature-inspired tones help create an authentic global look. Ditto rich, handcrafted, nubby, not-too-perfect textures. Consider textile choices like bamboo window panels and shades, hand-woven area rugs, embroidered pillows and natural, organic bedding.

Foreign Accents: Offbeat accessories make a world of difference (literally) in the Globalist bedroom. Here’s where local color like European art glass, rustic lamps & lanterns, handmade pottery and wall art with a tribal vibe can really turn things up a notch. If you’re lucky enough to be a seasoned world traveler, display interesting artifacts from your journeys. And don’t forget to surround yourself with exotic fragrance – the aroma of spicy scented candles can transport you to faraway places in an instant.

Eclectic Charms Eclectic Charms

Feminine Furniture: “Light, fresh and with a bit of whimsy” describes this look. Back in the day, this pretty much meant French Provincial—but modern mademoiselles have lots of other fun options. For instance, try mixing a curvy tufted headboard with several glamorous mirrored pieces. Antique wrought iron is another great choice—the more ornate, the better. And a comfy upholstered armchair or graceful slipper chair is an absolute must for stylish sitting. If it curves, curls, glitters or shines, chances are it’ll work beautifully with your eclectic style.

Luxe Textiles: Fabrics are soft in both color and feel. Think shag rugs, silky smooth bedding and fleecy throws, all in pastels and ivories (fluffy poodle optional). Stir in a bit of black for contrast—say a vintage-look print or toile pattern—but don’t be too heavy-handed. For windows, add polish and diffuse light with delicate lacy or sheer curtains. And on walls, drape satiny window panels for a rich, sumptuous look that’s a nice alternative to wallpaper and a smart solution for renters.

French Accents: Accessories put the “ooh” in “ooh-la-la.” Ruffles add fun and femininity, whether on a lamp, throw pillow or bedside bouquet, while gleaming mirrors, picture frames, candleholders and other reflective details lend even more sparkle and romance. And never underestimate the power of imagery: Items that feature the Eiffel Tower or other well-known French icons go a long way toward turning a simple bedroom into a très coquettish boudoir.

Traditional Comforts Traditional Comforts

Time-Tested Furniture: You want a bedroom furnished with pieces that are solid, tailored, graceful and comfortable. If antiques are too pricey, you can still choose timeless designs: A four-poster or canopy bed with coordinating nightstand and chest, a classic slipper chair, perhaps an upholstered bench or ottoman. Look for details like classic molding, cornices and turned legs. Staunch Traditionalists may prefer darker, heavier woods. For a more contemporary feel, go for lighter tones and sleeker lines.

Tailored Textiles: Cotton, linen, damask, brocade, silk, even wool and velvet are naturals in a Traditionalist bedroom, so use them for windows, bedding and rugs. Depending on how formal you want to get, color palettes can range from deep reds, greens and golds to brighter hues and neutrals. Weave one or two main colors throughout the room for a consistent look. Patterns may include floral or bird prints, stripes, plaids or solids.

Elegant Accents: Elements that reference the past are a great way to accessorize a traditional space. Whether antique or reproduction, bring in the old with wooden floor screens, decorative bird cages, crystal lamps, sconces, mercury glass candleholders or vases, carved wooden frames filled with family photos, and works of fine art. A simple, elegant floral arrangement adds the perfect finishing touch.

Modern Shapes Modern Shapes

Free-Style Furniture: The #1 rule for modern design: There are no rules! Just start with a piece you love (an awesome headboard for example) and build from there. Match or don’t match—it’s up to you. In fact, half the fun is finding clever ways to put things together. A few handy tips:

  • Stick to the same color palette when mixing styles and patterns.
  • Keep furniture weights and sizes in balance.
  • Woven pieces like rattan, cane or seagrasses blend well with most furniture styles.
  • Remember to include both straight lines and curves.

Fun with Fabrics: Mix it up! The Modernist loves to draw from a variety of styles and the same goes for colors, patterns and textures. Silky window panels, ruffled and embroidered pillows, textural rugs and soft, cozy throws all have a place in the Modern bedroom. Keep harmony among these divergent players with a common color palette or design motif. Layer textures (e.g., a plush area rug over fibrous braided seagrass) for even more tactile interest.

Personal Accents: More than any other design style, this is a celebration of personal tastes, especially when it comes to accents. Fun lamps, quirky decorative objects, global artifacts and collectibles are just some of the ways to personalize a space, so use your imagination. Use mirrors, metallic finishes, glass— even sequins and glitter—for sparkle and shine.