Great Places for Big Vases

If you've ever looked at a huge, artisan-created vase and thought, "It's gorgeous but maybe not for my place," we've got news. It's definitely for your place. Made in a range of shapes, materials and looks, big vases are more versatile than you might think. In fact, they're downright easy to work with. We've got pictures to prove it.

Get what you like.
Display how you want.

Big vases create an instant focal point. Collect them as you would works of art, experimenting with colors, sizes, shapes and materials—then display them proudly, with panache. Or joie de vivre. Or a bunch of umbrellas. Because large vases can be practical that way. And bold enough to stand out all alone.

Filled? Empty?
(There's no wrong answer.)

One of the attractions of big vases is that they're so fun to fill. Any tall, dramatic bundle of reeds or decorative floral will work, from peacock feathers to willow branches to fluffy pampas fronds. Or feel free to forget all the flowery details and just let vases shine on their own. Empty, yet filled with magic. One or two in a corner or near a hearth can make a big impact. And if you don't use your fireplace? Vases or a single huge decorative platter look right at home there.

Where to start?
Or: Baby steps.

Still nervous? Start small. Look for one empty corner that needs a little extra something and fill it with a single floor vase. Or try a medium-to-large vase on a tall pedestal table. For larger spaces, a grouping of vases and decorative platters or bowls on a console table can be both simple and dramatic.

Arrange a few pieces, then stand back and admire your handiwork. Try adding. Try subtracting. (The old adage about removing a single piece of jewelry after dressing applies to design, too.) Then leave it alone. Live with it a while. Soon, it'll look like your vases were custom-designed for your space. Ready? See our collection of large vases. It's huge.

For an option that's kid-, pet- and reality-friendly, go for metal or rattan vases (less fragile than ceramics). Or display vases in an unused fireplace, away from traffic.

Wide stairways practically beg for big vases. Stair-step multicolored ceramic pots along one side as we have, or skip a step in between to create an inviting pathway.

When you mix or match, a sparkly mosaic vase is always an attention-getter. Covered with tiny, hand-painted, individually cut glass tiles, these vases are true one-of-a-kind creations.