The Elements of Fragrance

Discover the top notes, the middle notes and the complete inspiration for your favorite Pier 1 candles and home fragrance »

Preview Spring 2014

Get the first look at fresh trends that will be in our stores early next year. It’s never too early for an early peek, right? »

New Year's Eve

Count down to a New Year's Eve party with our quick guide to stocking a bar and creating an easy but impressive buffet. »

Decorate Your Space
Uncommon Scents
Have Some Fun
Display Wall Art
To design your own picture-perfect wall gallery in five easy steps, just hang with us »
Candles Just Make Scents
A few hints to help keep your candles looking their brightest »
All Set for a Celebration
Colorful tabletop and place-setting ideas to take you through a year of special occasions, from formal to fun, from January through
December »
Complete Rug Guide
Step-by-step advice for choosing the right size and shape for your space »
Formula for Success
Candles or potpourri? Sprays or sachets? Find out what works best for refreshing your space with this quick guide to fragrance formulations »
A Halloween Party to Die For
Even if you've outgrown trick-or-treating (or the neighbors have just stopped giving you candy), you can still scare up some fun with a grown-up party (well, a mostly grown-up
party) »
Big Vases, Small Effort
Decorating with tall vases is simpler than you might think. We've got pictures to prove it »
Home Fragrance Wardrobe
By choosing the right scents, then layering them or combining them in new ways, you can create an atmosphere to match your personality, your mood or even an occasion. Think of it as a fragrance wardrobe for your home »
Tasting Party Collection
Recipes, photos and four ways to celebrate with mini samplers, trays, glassware and servers. This is big »
Light on the Perfect Lamp
Don't get left in the dark. We have some helpful tips for choosing lamps, lanterns, lampshades and more »
 Reed Diffusers: A Quick Refresher
One of the easiest ways to fill a room with soft fragrance is even easier—and more effective—with a few pointers »
Mix in a Celebration
If your party includes cocktails, we have a few simple helpers for equipping your bar and mastering the fine art of mixing. C'mon. Give it a shot »
Cushion Guide
The fastest way to always find the right shape and size for your chair »
The Pier 1 Collections
Flowers or spices? Coastal breezes or earthy woods? Learn the inspiration behind some of your favorite Pier 1 fragrances »
Zodiac Gift Guide
What do Leos love? Are Pisces really particular? Find the gift ideas that align with all 12 signs and you'll be the most popular giver in town. Maybe even the whole cosmos »