Halloween Ideas & Inspiration

Dawn of the Decoration

Scare up a spooktacular setting for a haunted Halloween party that will cause shrieks of delight. Combining everyday pieces with enchanting accents is frightfully simple.

  • Decorative Lanterns
  • Black Frames
  • Plaid Chair

The Room

Put guests under your spell with a ghoulish gathering. Decor comes to life when you add a few touches of bewitching brilliance. Set a theatrical stage with a mantel scarf above the fireplace—or on a table, buffet or shelf—and add candles to pillar stands and tapers to candelabra. Fill lanterns with purple or orange Glimmer Strings™ to create a magical mood. Swap out family pictures in your frames with creepy photos, and drape spider web-like tulle netting over your furniture for sheer spookiness.

Black & Gold Halloween Décor

The Table and Beyond

No bones about it—a little gothic glamour goes a long way. Create a terror-rific tablescape with a centerpiece and candleholders intermingled with serveware and glassware. A festive holiday atmosphere can also be achieved with a creepy character or two—like a sleek black owl. Add to the ambience by decorating with well-placed masquerade masks as party favors. Move chairs away from the table to provide access to food and drinks and seating for partygoers who would like to sit a spell.

  • Cake Platter
  • Stemless Wine Glasses
  • Champagne Flutes

The Food

Give them something good to eat. Conjure up some frightful fare with a few crafty recipes from your cauldron. We love the idea of turning desserts into something a bit creepier. For easy and eerie edibles, add creepy crawlers to a chocolate cake or make some ooky spooky eyeballs by adding dark chocolate chips to white chocolate truffles. Blackberry spiders with vanilla bean legs are perfect for perching on platters or on glass rims. Simple ingredients become ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties.

The Cocktails

Clever accompaniments to libations and cocktails transform them into delicious drams and potent potions dripping with originality. Pinot noir and Bloody Marys are perfectly acceptable options, but experimenting in your laboratory raises the spirits. Try rolled licorice in apple cider or champagne, or spiced fruit punch served in a beverage dispenser—or add flavored liqueurs for a splash of color. Incorporate your stemware, barware and a champagne bucket for a presentation worthy of your paranormal party.

  • Halloween Candles
  • Skeleton Candlesticks
  • Pumpkin Decorations
  • Stemless Champagne Glasses

More Ideas

Cast your Halloween decor in a new candlelight with licorice-scented Mason jar filled candles and etheral his and hers skeleton tapers. Impressive wherever you place them, flameless LED pumpkins and tealights are a worry-free solution for high-traffic areas. You can easily repurpose serveware and decorative accents that don’t scream Halloween for another glam bash or a murder mystery party—what a treat.