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Cocktail Parties
Holiday time is party time.
Cocktail Parties
set up a plan, set up the bar

Once you’ve decided on a holiday party, the guest list and the calendar date, it’s time to think about what to serve:

Simple but fun:
Consider offering one special holiday drink that can be mixed ahead of time, like sangria in pitchers or a Christmas Champagne punch.

Stocking a bar?
You don’t have to go all out; vodka, gin and bourbon are the most common choices for mixed drinks. For gadgets, check our bar guide.

Include non-alcoholic options:
Sodas, fruit juices, maybe a special Christmas sparkling cider. Let guests help themselves with an ice-filled party tub.

Offer an unexpected treat:
Liqueurs or cordials with Christmas desserts.

Cocktail Parties
Cocktail Parties
buffet is french for “no worries.” right?

Make things easy on yourself this Christmas with a buffet setup. A few of your homemade favorites, a few quirky or exotic take-out dishes and lots of bowls filled with nuts or olives—that will keep everyone happy and chatty. Find more ideas and recipes in our Tasting Party® Guide.

Cocktail Parties
Mixers: Soda, tonic, ginger ale

Garnishes: Olives, maraschino cherries, lemon peel

Cocktail shaker

Ice bucket with tongs


More ice

Bar towels

Pitcher for water, juices

Lots more ice
Cocktail Parties
how much? how many?
a guide to holiday party supplies
Cocktail Parties

Drinks: According to professional event planners, each guest usually consumes 2-3 drinks during a party’s first hour; 1 drink every hour after that. Other good things to know:

1 bottle of wine = 4 servings
1 bottle of Champagne = 6 servings
1 fifth bottle = 25 shots; or about 17 mixed drinks

Glasses: Plan on at least 3 glasses per person, since guests can misplace or change their drink.

Food: You can estimate that each guest will probably eat 5-6 appetizers per hour. Plan on 2 appetizer plates per guest. Details: You can never set out too many coasters or napkins. Your furniture surfaces will be protected and so will your sanity.

Cocktail Parties
Cocktail Parties