The Home Fragrance Wardrobe
The Home Fragrance Wardrobe
Fragrance Wardrobe Basics

A home fragrance wardrobe is a collection of various scents in a range of formulations, from candles to potpourri, reed diffusers to room sprays. The goal is to mix and match different scents from within these collections to provide a customized, couture scent for your home—to create your home’s signature fragrance.

How it works: Layering is the key. Use several Pier 1 fragrances together in different forms to create a blend of scents that complement each other. This creates a customized fragrance while taking advantage of each different formulation. Instead of simply placing a single reed diffuser in the corner, you can maximize the effect by layering on a room spray, potpourri or candle in a compatible scent. Result: Custom, long-lasting fragrance.

How to start? Just ask yourself: What is the story that you’re trying to tell with your home décor, and what are the scents that contribute to that story? Then begin at your home’s first impression, the foyer.

The Home Fragrance Wardrobe
Home fragrance tip No. 3
If you’re using hurricanes and candleholders, place a different scented candle in each one to let their fragrances mix in the room.
Home fragrance tip No. 4
Experiment with your own combos. The goal is an original home, so have fun discovering what works best in each room.
The Home Fragrance Wardrobe
Mix new and classic scents to
create a one-of-a-kind mood.

By Mark David Boberick
Managing Editor
The Perfume

Our sense of smell is our most evocative sense, yet far too often, it’s the last sense that we think about pampering. We collect new pillows to appeal to our sense of touch. We purchase big TVs to cater to our sense of sight. We spring for the lobster dinner to satisfy our sense of taste.

But our sense of smell is almost always the last sense that we consider indulging.

Your home should be your sanctuary, filled with the décor that brings you joy but also the fragrances that stir your emotions. And not just one fragrance—but several. By choosing the right scents, then layering them or combining them in new ways, you can create an atmosphere to match your personality, your mood or even an occasion. Think of it as a fragrance wardrobe for your home.

The Home Fragrance Wardrobe
Home fragrance tip No. 1
Opt for a few unscented pillars in your candlescape. The warmth of their flame will enhance the effect of the scented candles.
Home fragrance tip No. 2
You can always add more candles. Pier 1 hand-poured candles come
in a variety of sizes so
you can create a fragrant arrangement on a
candlescaping tray.
The Rooms & Recipes

Your foyer is where the fragrance wardrobe makes its first impression. Subtle, dramatic, exotic, sensual, energizing, relaxing—it should express who you are. After all, it will be the scent that welcomes you home after a long day. If you really love that fragrance, you can continue the foyer mix throughout your entire home. However, you may decide that, within your fragrance wardrobe, each room should be its own ensemble.

Caribbean Blossoms Reed Diffuser
Diffuser holder
Island Orchard Candle
Oceans Potpourri
Hand-woven basket
Island Orchard Room Spray

Inspiration: The feeling of walking into a luxurious island hotel. Trees blooming with pungent blossoms, the warm breeze stirring the sea spray, ripe tropical fruits—an exotic locale that’s right in your own home.

How to get it: Start by placing a Caribbean Blossoms Reed Diffuser and decorative diffuser holder on a console table or shelf in your foyer. This will be the source of consistent fragrance.

Rest an Island Orchard Candle inside a large glass hurricane. When the candle is unlit, the space inside the large hurricane will help deliver the scent into the environment more easily than if the candle were just resting alone. Then, when you light your candle, the hurricane provides both fragrance and drama.

Fill a natural rattan basket with Oceans Potpourri. The woven basket creates a tropical vibe while the shells inside the potpourri echo the mist of the salty ocean.

Keep an Island Orchard Room Spray nearby to refresh and re-energize the room.


Maui Sunset Reed Diffuser
Patchouli Reed Diffuser & Candles
Ginger Peach Candles & Potpourri
Mosaic bowl
Patchouli Room Spray

Inspiration: A tropical getaway, with a few pleasant surprises—hints of ginger to add energy and earthy patchouli to balance fruity aromas.

How to get it: Place a Maui Sunset Reed Diffuser at one end of the room and a Patchouli Reed Diffuser at the opposite end of the room. In a typically larger room, the addition of more than one diffuser or candles may be necessary to produce a consistent scent.

Mix in Ginger Peach or Patchouli Candles on pillar plates and, when using the room, keep those candles lit.

Finish the story with a beautiful mosaic bowl filled with Ginger Peach Potpourri and refresh the space occasionally with Patchouli Room Spray.

Citrus Cilantro Reed Diffuser
Diffuser holder
Maui Sunset Candle
Crisp Bamboo Room Spray

Inspiration: A fresh and slightly rustic setting, with sunrise through an open window, the dewy air filled with scents of a nearby citrus grove and, on occasion, breezes with rare hints of green bamboo shoots.

How to get it: Keep a Citrus Cilantro Reed Diffuser in a diffuser holder on your kitchen counter, safely away from the stove. Even at a distance, the occasional warmth will help to intensify the fragrance and fill the air with a clean, subtle scent.

For the middle of a kitchen island or breakfast table, a Maui Sunset Candle creates another layer of sweet, fruity fragrance.

Refresh the room with Crisp Bamboo Room Spray periodically, which will help mask cooking odors.