Workin' It.

A calm, cool approach to organizing a cute space for work, study or crafts.

Good news: A neat, organized home office or crafting space does not require a huge house, a lifestyle consultant or even a big budget.

Better news: We’re not kidding.

In fact, it’s easy to find desks and ideas that are pretty, functional and affordable. Really:

Home Office Crafting Station

When space is at a premium, look for slim silhouettes. A classic sawhorse-style desk can give you plenty of work surface without overpowering the room. (Which is perfect if that room happens to be your bedroom or dining room.)

For chairs, think multi-tasker. A well-made dining chair, with your favorite cushion, can be comfy enough for work but beautiful enough to be extra seating for guests. Or opt for the timeless Director’s Chair that folds up and stores away when not in use.

A serving tray can help straighten up a desktop, organizing mail, cards, stamps and pens for correspondence, or keeping craft supplies together for a current project. In fact, a divided tray is downright genius.

So not a plastic bin: For as little as $10, a hand-woven basket can hold files, craft supplies or instruction manuals. A shelf of identical baskets is classic. Mixing textures or sizes in the same color adds interest.

Organized or not, your workspace can be better defined and completely private with the simple addition of a folding floor screen. Choose one with texture and color and no one will even notice it’s concealing your desk.

Another option: Think of bookshelves as room dividers that double as storage and display areas. Tall shelves maximize space. And bookshelves with flat sides can be paired up for a library look.

Investment pieces that are worth it. Covered with carved or painted details, these designs can store supplies and hide clutter while breezily masquerading as unique coffee tables, end tables or nightstands.