Reed Diffusers

At Pier 1, you can always find a reed diffuser in your favorite scent, always at an easy price. Here's our quick guide to getting the most out of these little wonders of nature.

How to use your diffuser

Pier 1 Reed Diffusers typically include natural bamboo reeds, a bottle collar and a clear glass bottle filled with diffuser formula.

To activate the fragrance, you simply remove the bottle's cap, replacing it with the silver-tone collar. Then insert the reeds following package directions.

The fragrant diffuser formula is then absorbed by the reeds, which wick the scent into the air. That's it. There's nothing to add. There's no flame. No heat. You can even leave home and it keeps working.

The formula evaporates over time and, depending on room temperature and conditions, Pier 1 Reed Diffusers remain fragrant for about 90 days. After that, they can be discarded.

Where to use it

Anywhere. There's no flame, so a reed diffuser is a good idea for offices, dorms and most settings where candles aren't permitted.

Generally, one reed diffuser will be sufficient for an average room. For large rooms and open areas, you can add another reed diffuser, or set out potpourri or fragrance beads from the same Pier 1 fragrance collection.

Celebrate with it

Because a reed diffuser goes anywhere and because Pier 1 has so many fragrances to choose from, it's an inspired, affordable gift idea for nearly anyone or any occasion. And at holiday time, be sure to check with us for seasonal Pier 1 fragrances, reed diffusers and gift sets.

Set the mood with it

Our fragrance collections range from soft and floral, to exotic, to crisp and clean—a true variety so you can find a reed diffuser for any room, season or mood. And remember, our collections also include candles, room sprays, potpourri and more so your reed diffuser never has to feel lonely.

Reed Diffuser Fragrances