The Outdoors by Design
Even if your patio or balcony is limited in size, your sense of fun can still be as big as all outdoors. We show you how to make the most of your space, all while sticking very much to your own style.
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Eclectic Mix of Outdoor DecorEclectic Mix Eclectic Mix

Blue Stripped PillowEclectic

You combine colors and themes inside your home all year long. Now it's time to take it outside, without giving up one bit of comfort.

Curated faves:
Aluminum seats, designed to be both durable and portable, can be the center of activity (or inactivity—add all-weather cushions and slouchy but unfussy pillows). Pull up a ceramic garden stool for extra seating or keep it in the background as a sculpted accent table. And for true lounge-ability, opt for a swivel seat or the ever-popular ottoman.

Details, details:
Take advantage of handcrafted lanterns or one-of-a-kind outdoor art created to endure the elements but still look bright. And an indoor/outdoor rug anchors the entire look while softening a so-not-charming concrete surface.

Keys: Trend-proof color combos, a versatile outdoor rug and practical, well-chosen accent pieces.

Traditional Comforts Outdoor DecorTraditional Comforts Traditional Comforts

Peacock PillowTraditional

Bring what you love—traditional silhouettes and classic patterns–outside with a bright, fresh palette and a few well-chosen updates.

Hello there, sunshine:
You can't get more classic than white wicker. But you can take advantage of a modern-day improvement—synthetic rattan. Still hand-woven and comfortable, this new all-weather material is far more durable. Make it your own with sunny, fade-resistant cushions and pillows in timeless prints.

Art lovers need fresh air, too: When you don't have room for garden sculpture (or even, you know, a garden), you can still enjoy flowers and lush color with outdoor wall art. And if you happen to have a collection of gallery-inspired glassware or hand-painted dinnerware, now is the time to show it off on the neutral backdrop of a wicker table. Stick with three or four main colors and everything will play well together.

Keys: Outdoor seating that's weather-resistant and durable, bright cushions inspired by a Victorian pavilion.

Modern Outdoor FurnitureModern Shapes Modern Shapes

Modern Rattan End TablesModern

When an outdoor space is filled with sleek shapes and bold accents, it begins to take on the feel of a luxury resort. In the design world, this is what’s known as “niiiiice.”

Mod as in modular:
The beauty of modular patio seating (aside from, you know, its beauty) is that pieces can be combined for comfort, pulled apart for parties or turned to face the indoors, creating a larger, continuous living space. Look for clean profiles that still offer interesting textures and visual interest. Quick example: All-weather rattan that's been woven by hand. Complement the contemporary lines with tailored outdoor cushions and pillows. The effect will be restful and inviting.

Simple genius: Let a few statement-making pieces fill out the scene. Oversized outdoor lanterns, a potted agave—a faux version designed specifically for patios—and a flat-weave rug in a neutral color.

Keys: Dramatic faux plants that you can display outdoors, floor vases that are more like sculpture, wall art.

Global Outdoor DecorGlobal Vibes Global Vibes

Buddha StatueGlobal

A festival of color. An al fresco art gallery. Your own personal casbah. You really can blend influences from other cultures without creating a look that's all over the map.

Departure time: The trick is to start with a strong focal point. A wrought iron patio dining table topped by handcrafted mosaic tiles can set the tone for the entire space. Just like that, spicy colors, cool touches and artisan-created details work together. (Note about metal patio furniture: Always look for a powder-coated finish; it's an extra step that helps prevent rust.)

Wish you were here: If you choose an outdoor rug in the same color as your table, you can create interesting little contrasts around the edges. Bright outdoor cushions. Exotic glass lanterns and tabletop oil burners in colors picked up from the mosaic. A hand-carved ceramic garden stool, in a solid color for maximum impact. Yeah. It's beautiful here.

Keys: Iron tables with mosaic tops, exotic glass lanterns and anything created, carved or painted by hand.