On the Prowl for Owls

Owls are in
We know. The idea that an animal can be in or out of style is kind of a hoot. But who are we to screech about it? With their big round eyes, horned tufts and squatty bodies, those quirky little birds of prey are just so darn cute. Always loved owls? You're in good company. Long before boy wizards popularized the fantastical fowl, owls had achieved rock-star status as school mascots, cartoon characters and whimsical wall clocks with moving eyeballs. Truth be told, almost everybody has at least one prized owl-pal in their past (ours was a jeweled stick pin in the fifth grade). Think you're not the owly type? Think again. Today's designs include something for every taste from rustic to retro, cuddly to kitschy, and simple to stylized.

Feather your nest
Finding ways to bring owls into your décor is as easy as visiting your nearest Pier 1 store. Our associates are happy to help you locate the perfect pieces for your home. Or get a birds-eye view right here. Just a few ideas to get started:

Owl Accents


Live owls love to roost in treetops, but the decorative kind are happy almost anywhere. Some sit, some hang and some just lay around dangling their legs. Use them to decorate mantels, tabletops, gifts, woodsy floral arrangements—anyplace you want to create a cute nature story.


Candles and home fragrance

Like the nocturnal creatures that inspired them, these candles love to stay up late (they're night owls). Whether filled or LED, they'll light up dark spaces with a soft, flickering glow. As for fragrances, well, we promise they smell way better than real owls.

Owl Candles and Home Fragrance
Useful Usable Owls

Useful usables

Why not get your owl on with things you use every day? From doormats and doorstoppers to designer tissues and photo holders, Pier 1 has lots of owl-themed items that are both playful and practical.


Greeting cards & gift accessories

Not exactly nest featherers, but too cute to leave out. Most cards are blank inside so they're perfect for celebrating any and owl occasions.

Owl Greeting Cards & Gift Accessories
Owl Jewelry


You didn't think we'd leave out bling, did you? Not after our prior stick-pin confession (oh, how we loved that pin). Besides, unlike some birds, owls look really good as earrings, necklaces, brooches, etc. Which is why you never see anyone wearing a grackle bracelet.


Just for fun

Pier 1 has playthings for kids of all ages. Unleash your inner owl with colorful coin purses, lovable plush animals, even a solar desk pet. As a wise old owl once said, all work and no play is just bird-brained.