Perfect Seating We’ve come a long way since the first seating was introduced. We no longer have to rest our rumps on cold, bare floors, or rickety stools, but now have seating available that allows us to express our individual style and personality, which is what finding the perfect seating is all about. So whether you’re an entertainer who loves to throw impromptu parties, a fashionista wanting to reflect a great sense of style, or someone looking to create a family-friendly space, we’ve got seating to complement your personal style.
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The Entertainer
If you’re someone who loves to entertain, a large, comfy, sofa is key. Go for something classic in a versatile color, something that will not only be great for parties but can also hold up under the wear and tear of everyday life.

If you’re someone who throws a lot of dinner parties, use dining chairs in traditional or decorative patterns. For something with pomp and personality, try the Peacock Tufted Dining Chair. It has super-comfy upholstery and a gorgeous plumage pattern that will not only look smashing at parties but work well for everyday dining. And don’t forget the barstools. Make the most of your kitchen counter or breakfast bar by adding a few barstools. Upholstered, backless, swivel or pub style—there are plenty of options for every type of space.

Natural colors, interesting details- the Carmen sofa is a cush look in more ways than one
The Fashionista

We use fashion every day to express ourselves, and there’s no reason why furniture can’t work the same way. After all, many of the patterns found in upholstered furniture have been inspired by fashion straight from the runway.

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The Homebody

When creating a
family-friendly game room, comfort and easy care are what’s important, along with creating a seating arrangement you can walk around and not have to barge through. In addition to a sofa, you’ll need seating that is lightweight and kid-friendly, like the Papasan.

The Bookworm

Back before the invention of the Internet, people would often peruse the pages of small, rectangular objects known as books. For those bookworms, you’ll want seating that is cozy, comfortable and classic. Something that you can curl up or spread yourself out in, like a spacious armchair with matching ottoman. And something that easily slides up next to a floor lamp, accent table or bookshelf.

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