What's your gift sign?Gift-giving should be an expression of the heart, not a pain in the patootie. But sometimes you don’t even have a clue what to get your bff (enough with the box wine already), much less your boss. Some say the best gift is one you’d like to receive yourself—but would an earthy Taurus want the same thing as a breezy Gemini? Risky business. So throughout the coming year, we'll feature one sign of the zodiac each month, along with tips on how to choose just the right gift—horoscopically speaking. Read all 12 and you'll be the most popular gift-giver in town. Maybe the whole cosmos.

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Capricorn: December 22 - January 19

CapricornWho Capricorn is:
The symbol for Capricorn is a goat with a fish tail, known as a sea-goat. Some people call it a goatfish, but that is s-o-o-o last eon. What does this mean, other than a lot of serious custom tailoring? That depends on Capricorn's phase of life. Capricorns tend to act older than their years and tread rocky, inhospitable paths as they climb up the ladder of success. But make no mistake about it, they're climbing. That's the goat part. Arguably the most ambitious sign in the zodiac, Capricorn keeps its nose to the grindstone and its eye on the prize—a really awkward position for climbing—until it finally reaches the summit; thus, Capricorns are often found in positions of authority. Which is why your favorite boss, sinsei or parole officer may well be a sea-goat (in addition to the other pet names you've coined for them). Fortunately, Capricorn tends to lighten up over time, and may even become the office clown or comedian. But mastery and power are still the key words, and can even translate into a pursuit of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. This is the fish part. Goat, fish, comic, zen master. No wonder you're confused about their gift.

What Capricorn wants:
Capricorn Success, status and a high-performing investment portfolio. But since you probably can't provide any of that stuff (can you?), head for the classics: A handsome wooden chess set, stunning mouth-blown glass vase or elegant stemware should do the trick. Family is also of utmost importance, so a high-quality desk frame complete with photos of the clan is right up the goat's alley. Try to think outside the box. In fact, a nice trio of antiqued wooden boxes wouldn't be a bad idea—they'll appeal to Capricorn's love of all things timeworn and afford a nice place to stash savings bonds and gold bullion. In general, tasteful gifts that are made to last (we're talking decades) will put a smile on even the most curmudgeonly Cap's face. Of course, if you're especially fond of the Capricorn in question (or stand a good chance of inheriting), you may want to go all out with a plush leather recliner or stunning sideboard. Anything solid, stable and well made will stand you in good stead. Finally, if you're dealing with a Capricorn that has it all (hey, they've earned it), a Pier 1 Gift Card will fit perfectly in that fine Italian leather wallet of theirs. So every time they open it, they'll think of you. And an association like that can't be bad.

Aquarius: January 20 - February 18

Who Aquarius is:
No other astrological sign has a song AND an age named for it—only the quirky, unconventional Water Bearer. Aquarians love astrology. Some might say it’s because they came from another planet. Others—mainly Aquarians—say it’s because they’re light-years ahead of their time. Eccentric? Please. Does Jupiter align with Mars? (Answer: Yes.) But Aquarius is also kind and humanitarian, so long as it doesn’t involve too many actual humans. Like fellow fixed signs Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, Aquarius can be stubborn as a mule. In fact, 25% of all mules are Aquarians. Still, most geniuses have Aquarius in their astrological charts and many can start a car using only crystallized ginger. Intellectual and original, Aquarians are often inventors and love pitching their gizmos to home shopping channels. That remote-control radio-wave egg flipper you bought at 3 a.m.? Thank an Aquarius. Liberation of the mind is #1 on Aquarius’ list, followed by astral projection, full-on double rainbows and other woo-woo mumbo jumbo. Part philanthropist, part mad scientist and part absent-minded professor, these versatile visionaries are boffo at the big picture and a train wreck at technicalities. But hey, they managed to get here.

Aquarius: Sun & Moon Windchime

What Aquarius wants:
Aquarians live in a world of ideas, so material things only go so far. That said, they’ll be the first to pout if they don’t get a gift on their special day. What to give the sign that could live without practically everything? Two words: Yoga Cat. Or how about some fragrant incense and a unique incense holder for morning meditation? Like any good air sign, Aquarius is fond of all things ethereal (literally, of the ethers), so consider a tinkling windchime—or if your Aquarius is really adventurous, a ride in a hot air balloon. Maybe something cosmic like glittering paper star lanterns and galactic globes (aka decorative spheres) would rock their chakras. Or maybe a telescope for tracking planetary hoopla. For Aquarians who cook, give the gift of gadgets: Whimsical kitchen brushes, canisters with magnetic measuring spoons, colorful silicone utensils and monkey vegetable peelers will appeal to offbeat sensibilities. Let the sunshine in through a prism of multicolored mini-bottles. Or go metaphysical with a set of vibrant cobalt blue glassware in Aquarius’ spiritual color. Finally, consider the one gift that’s loved universally (Aquarians dig that): The Pier 1 Gift Card. Just remember to join hands and sing as you deliver its healing retail energy into their power. Good vibes, man. Good vibes.

Pisces: February 19 - March 20
Pisces: Mirror

Who Pisces is:
Who doesn’t like Pisces? Nobody. This gentle, kind, otherworldly sign is one of the most popular in the zodiac and for good reason. OK, they can be a little oversensitive. And whiny. Bit of a pushover. Big dreamer. And way too many renaissance fairs. (No, we do not wisheth a turkey leg, thank thee.) But honestly, it’s hard to be snarky about them unless you really try. Voted the sign most likely to have big puppy eyes, Pisces is compassionate, generous and romantic, with a penchant for wearing berets and speaking in verse. Many Pisces are artistic and have names like Gwynevere, Donovan and Seamus. Most would give you the shirt off their back—if they had one. But when it comes to money, Pisces is often a fish out of water. Luckily, they have you. Or some other generous benefactor who’s happy to exchange hard goods for poetry or a nice foot massage. The 12th and last sign of the zodiac, mystical Pisces is often associated with death and rebirths and is said to be a spiritual composite of all the signs. We’re not sure what that means, but they’re definitely not of this world. Pisces the Fish is the wateriest of all the water signs, so look for them near lakes, rivers, oceans and pubs where everybody knows their name.

Pisces: Vase

What Pisces wants:
No one really knows what Pisces wants—not even Pisces. Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisceans often feel like they are being pulled two ways at once and have difficulty making decisions. (Or do they?) One thing you can't go wrong with, though, is the water thing: Ocean-inspired glassware and accents in turquoise and blue, sea-themed art and fish-shaped décor should float their boat. Bath items like scented oils, lotions and soaps are another good way to go watery. Or feed Pisces' love of fantasy with a hand-woven basket filled with everything they'll need to create a magical, romantic ambience: Twinkling string lights, fragrant candles, glittering glass candleholders and a CD of haunting Celtic melodies. (A bottle of wine couldn't hurt.) Anatomically speaking, Pisces rules the feet, which means they're more susceptible to tender tootsies, cold feet and Achilles' heels than the rest of us. Silence those barking dogs (and whining Pisces) with a homemade spa package including pedicure set, comfy slippers or shower shoes, loofah and heatable compress. Finally, if your Pisces has given you absolutely NO clue for gifting (typical), make an executive decision and give the Pier 1 Gift Card. They'll love spending hour after indecisive hour shopping amongst all the magic and sparkle. It's the perfect escape. And for Pisces, that's the best gift of all.

Aries: March 21 - April 19

Who Aries is:
The quintessential fire sign. Aries the Ram is adventurous, confident, pioneering, hot-tempered, enthusiastic, impulsive and quick-witted—all before breakfast. The first sign of the zodiac, this force majeure is a natural-born leader, being way too bossy for anything else. Always at the forefront, Aries is a fierce warrior, an early adopter and sometimes a butt-in-liner. Speaking of which, butting heads with a ram will only give you a headache (haven't you seen those nature shows on the Discovery Channel?), so avoid arguments if possible. Aries is always, always right. Once in 1949, an Aries was thought to be wrong, but this was later disproved by another Aries. Despite occasional flare-ups (Aries can actually burst into flames when riled), rambunctious ram can also be quite charming and kind to those they care for, so why not curry favor with a little sump'n sump'n? (See what Aries wants, below.) One thing's for sure: Anything Aries do, they do from the heart. Question their judgment if you must, but never their sincerity. Or their opinions. Not if you value that fragile little noggin of yours.

What Aries wants:
Aries adores gifts. This is no stargazing Aquarian idealist we're talking about; the ram is a full-blown materialist and proud of it. Almost anything you want to give them will be warmly received, but some wantables appeal to Aries' quest-to-possess more than others: Red, red & more red—Dinnerware, pottery, painted furniture, wall art. Or how about a nice red pashmina they can fling on dramatically and smack you in the face? (Accidentally, of course.) You name it. If a bull would charge it, a ram will love it. FireCandles, candleholders and lanterns make great gifts for fiery Aries, as do garden torches and fire pits. A fire extinguisher isn't a bad idea either. Drama—Are you kidding? The more theatrical, the better for the flamboyant ram. Think avant-garde sculptures, large mirrors & wall hangings, and show-stopping oversized vases. Bling—Flashy, trashy or just plain dazzling. (Are we still talking about gifts?) Sparkly jewelry, glittering accents or animal prints will do the trick. And if you really want to go all out, diamond is Aries' birthstone. In case they haven't already mentioned it. As if.

Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Who Taurus is:
Some say that Taurus the Bull is as stubborn as a mule. Not true. Taurus has mules beat by a mile in the stubborn department and is, in fact, VP and Chief Financial Officer of the whole stubborn corporation. Taurus' legendary bull-headedness is surpassed only by its mad money skills. Strong like bull, solvent like crazy. That's Taurus. Frugal Taureans will generously consider letting you borrow cash in a pinch but it better not be for anything with less than a 110% ROI. Not that money is all there is to the zodiac's most earthy sign. Slow-moving Taurus also enjoys driving the speed limit in the fast lane, holding grudges and making sure nothing ever, ever changes. Ruled by the planet Venus, Taureans are actually lucky in love. Their homes are warm and inviting because cooking, reading and gardening are a few of Taurus' favorite pastimes. As is brushing their dog's teeth. Public figures include Queen Elizabeth, Cher and that person in front of you who's holding up traffic.

What Taurus wants:
Next to money, beauty and physical comfort are the bull's raisons d'etre. Why not indulge your Taurus with some nice, cushy furnishings? Plush, textural pillows and cushions are sure to be welcome. Or if you're feeling extra-generous, a big overstuffed chair and the latest bestseller. How about some unique tableware for indoor or outdoor entertaining? Taureans love to show off their cooking skills, so colorful serving pieces are always a hit, or a hand-stocked gift basket filled with ripe pears, rich dark chocolates, Spanish almonds and chilled champagne or a set of small multicolored baking dishes or mini stoneware pots. For Taurus, home is where the heart is but they can also be quite outdoorsy—especially when it means improving on Mother Nature (who, ironically, is probably also a Taurus). Think gardeny gifts like bird baths, lanterns and planters. If it walks in beauty like the night, it's right up Taurus' alley. That said, there's always the money thing. If you don't want to just hand over a wad of cash, consider a Pier 1 Gift Card. It's money-like, exchangeable for all kinds of Taurusy doodads and is available in any amount from $5-$1,000. Of course, you might be leading a bull into the proverbial china shop. But that's our problem.

Gemini: May 21 - June 20

Who Gemini is:
Can you say two-faced? If you don't like Gemini the Twins, just wait a minute. You're dealing with the quick-change artist of the zodiac. Ruled by fast-moving Mercury, Gemini is one juiced-up, talkative smarty-pants—like Facebook or a hormonal Aquarius. Friendly and outgoing, most Geminis couldn't keep a secret if they tried. Super-curious and highly articulate, they thrive on communication and intellectual stimulation. They are also exceptionally gifted at getting out of mowing the lawn, and are likely to use that time streaking au naturel down quiet suburban streets or texting the person driving next to them at 60mph. Whatever they're doing, lively Geminis' innate restlessness will keep them on the go and rarely able to sit through a movie trailer, much less a feature-length film. Left unsupervised, they'll eat all the chocolate truffles from your candy box and blame it on the cat. Witty and morose, flexible and moody, sweet and sour, the dual-natured Twins are a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a really whacked-out egg roll. Yet so charming, you'll be hungry for them again an hour later. Nonhuman things that could be Gemini: Texas weather, "talking" babies and Donald Trump's hair.

What Gemini wants:
Looking for something to fit your Gemini's personality? First you'll need to choose one (personality, that is). Just let the Twins' multiple mindsets work in your favor and pick your fave. For gifts that appeal to their intellectual side, for instance, consider a good book, computer software, chess set or journal. For the communicative sector, unique stationery, notepads, sticky notes or assorted pens. Fun-loving Geminis will appreciate playful gifts like badminton or croquet sets, a mini-trampoline, whimsical animal mugs or maybe even a frog-in-love statue. And speaking of animals, Gemini zoophiles will adore critter-inspired gifts from birdbaths and feeders to blingy collars and pet-themed decor. Another way to multifaceted Gemini's heart is a gift basket of assorted small treasures, e.g., jewelry, toiletries, decorative boxes, spa items, collectible figurines, home fragrance and photo frames–the possibilities are endless. Or keep Gemini's attention with: An enormous hanging mirror (Geminis are secretly vain), outdoor Swingasan® or set of barware (they love to entertain). With happy-go-lucky Gemini's many and diverse interests, it's pretty hard to go wrong. Don't know which facet to focus on? No problem. Just gather all the personalities in one big room and present them with a Pier 1 Gift Card. Then quietly step outside while they all fight over it.

Cancer: June 21 - July 22

Who Cancer is:
They get a crab as their astrological symbol? No wonder they're so darn sensitive, touchy, melodramatic and cranky. (Oops, did we say that out loud?) OK, some Cancers do tend to be a bit on the emo side. But the fact is, most are more like tasty little bonbons—crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Friends lucky enough to get past the protective shell will discover a warm, sentimental and tenaciously loyal creature who puts home and family first. A close second on their priority list: Romance. In high school, Cancer is the girl who dots her "i's" with little hearts and practices writing her name as Mrs. So-and-So (in balloon letters) after a first date. Then, there are the dolls. So. Many. Dolls. Cancerian men, on the other hand, while also sentimental, are more likely to hide it behind a grumpy or unemotional exterior, waving their claws around wildly and skittling sideways when confronted. Although prone to stomach ailments themselves, Cancers are often gourmet cooks and love to feed and nurture others. Being a water sign (and a crab), Cancer is drawn to the ocean and can often be seen selling seashells by the seashore. At night, they scavenge for plankton along the beach until some Sagittarius comes along with a flashlight and sends them scattering.

What Cancer wants:
In a word: Biodome. Short of that, anything that serves up security with a capital "s" works for the home-loving crab—who despite the mixed metaphor, loves to nest. Especially pleasing are soft, round items like cozy throw pillows and cushions. In fact, most Cancers are quite sensual and appreciate textures of all kinds, from plush throws to satiny window panels to embroidered table linens. And speaking of tables, you can't go wrong with anything epicurean. That includes gifts of food, hand-painted dinnerware, glassware, flatware and other dining accessories, as well as kitchen craftage like cookware & bakeware, fun gadgets and colorful accessories (think mixing bowls, canisters, colanders, etc.). Another way to go is the whole sea-theme thing. A coral necklace or lamp, perhaps. Or maybe some nice shell soaps with a scrubby sea sponge. And don't forget the dolls. (Oh yes, the dolls.) Not the scary kind that come to life while you're sleeping. Stick with vintage collectibles, decorative statuettes and glass figurines just to stay on the safe side. Last, there are those Cancers who defy description; indeed, mold-breaking mutations occur more often under the sign of the crab than any other. In that case, a Pier 1 Gift Card may be your best bet. Who knows? Your emotional crab may shed their shell-like exterior in appreciation and get all mushy on you. Eww.

Leo: July 23 - August 22

Who Leo is:
If reputation ever preceded a star sign, it would be Leo the Lion. Aptly symbolized by the King of Beasts, Leo is a born leader and is legendary for its healthy ego and prowess in love, industry, entertainment, carpentry, juggling, rocket science, sculpting, brain surgery, air traffic control, gourmet cooking, gargling, drawing perfect circles, etc., etc. (In other words, its healthy ego.) Luckily for the rest of us, Leos tend to be kind and generous to lesser mortals, often to the point of heroism. They are fiercely protective of friends and loved ones, and respond well to adoration and prime cuts of meat. Actually, the lion can be the most altruistic of signs, putting massive efforts into charity and good works. Everything Leos do, they do on a grand scale. Why walk into a room when you can make an entrance? Why be a team player when you can be captain? And if a Leo ever came in second at anything, well, it's certain not in the public record. Truth be told, the regal lion can be a formidable force at just about anything it sets its mind to. But first, a nice lazy catnap while the royal subjects run out and scare up some dinner. Gazelle again? Rowr.

What Leo wants:
Admiration in any form, from the literal (accolades, parades, etc.) to the figurative (gifts from Pier 1). Larger-than-life Leo takes to drama like a hungry lion to a slow antelope, so think theatrical—the bigger the better: An oversized vase, large work of art or striking piece of furniture should do the trick. Preening is Leo's lionly birthright, so a magnificent mirror pretty much goes without saying. Maybe a fancy brush & comb set to groom that gorgeous mane. Leos also love to entertain and many do the lion’s share of the cooking, so why not reward them with fabulous serving pieces, cookware or a hanging pot rack? Or go on the prowl for some fetching animal prints like our fun Zebra Dinnerware and Leopard Bath & Body Accessories. Anything that helps Leo stand out in a crowd is a good bet, from eye-catching jewelry to chic scarves and pashminas. Pampering is another way to make a big cat purr, so consider our Safari line of neck wraps, eye masks, pedicure sets and spa brushes. Still not sure? No worries. A Pier 1 Gift Card gives lions the thrill of the hunt and the chance to return victorious with tasty fresh meat (that’s lion talk for ”unique global home furnishings“). In fact, we’ve got storesful of gifts that speak to Leos. We’re guessing they say something like ’Here, kitty kitty.“

Virgo: August 23 - September 22

Who Virgo is:
Virgos clean every square inch of their surroundings twice daily. With a toothbrush. How else can they be sure everything is squeaky clean and 100% germ-free? Obsessive-compulsive disorder might be their hobby. Virgos make great friends because they're thoughtful, loyal and will happily alphabetize your CD collection without being asked. Order is top priority for the detail-driven Virgo, so never put their bologna in the vegetable crisper—they could go straight-up medieval on you. As control freaks in the Zodiac go, Virgos are unparalleled. And speaking of parallels, they can also draw right angles without a straightedge. Virgos make excellent censors, air traffic controllers and royal swan counters. They are humanitarian and kind to a fault, although complimenting them on this may evoke embarrassment. Virgo's favorite dog is the non shedding Wheaten Terrier. Their favorite font is Bodoni.

What Virgo wants:
Let's face it—the only truly perfect Virgo gift is one they choose themselves. But unless you're prepared to cancel your mani/pedi and spend the day painstakingly analyzing labels, comparing prices and maybe straightening up the merchandise a bit, don't take them shopping. Instead, play to their passions with gifts of organization. Magazine baskets, jewelry boxes, coasters and fun notepads will all appeal to your Virgo's not-so-inner neat freak. Feeling generous? A media tower, storage chest or trunk keeps clutter out of sight and out of mind (at least for a few hours). Or maybe you'd prefer to appease the Virgo's germophobia with a gift of cleanliness. They'd probably be happy with a nice box of detergent, but take the high road with some fun dish scrubbers and brushes, scrubby holder, and caddy of scented hand soaps and lotions. Or create a whimsical (yet tidy) bouquet of antibacterial hand sanitizers in assorted fragrances. Finally, if your Virgo is super-fussy, up your odds of success with the gift that lets them do the choosing: a Pier 1 Gift Card. It's practical, symmetrical and never needs dusting. Come to think of it, maybe we should have suggested that first.

Libra: September 23 - October 22

LibraWho Libra is:
Libras spend more time primping than any other sign. In fact, Libras insist that everything and everyone in their world be beautiful, so take it as a compliment if you're still on their friend list. Decorating their own homes is top priority, followed by redecorating yours—or at the very least, watering your grossly neglected plants. Libras avoid confrontation like the plague but are likely to cause it. If you have words with a Libra, however, you'll probably receive flowers—which they will then water for you every time they come over. Libras love the world. The world, when not being Pygmalioned within an inch of its life, loves them back. Libras like to take their time and look at things from all sides (the word "Libra" means balances or scales) so never go with them to try on wedding dresses or buy a condo. Best jobs for Libras are Supreme Court justice, ballroom dancer and tattoo artist.

What Libra wants:
LibraAnything that's been hit with a pretty stick. Libras love beauty and entertaining, so why not combine the two with some bling for the table? Hand-painted standout serving pieces and gorgeous glasses will get a warm reception. In fact, just about any tasteful home decor will float Libra's boat. Considering their passion for plants, a nice planter, pot or vase would be a good choice. Or maybe a fabulous floral pillow. An objet d'art is sure to thrill Libra's heart—especially if you say "obzhay dart" with a saucy French accent. Gifts that come under this heading might include a small sculpture, decorative platter or original artwork on canvas. Libras also appreciate sensual things, so try putting together a spa basket filled with scented soaps, lotions and bath gels (don't forget to toss in a few candles to up the romance quotient.) Still don't see anything you like? (What are you, a Virgo?) There's one gift that every Libra loves—the Pier 1 Gift Card. In fact, just to keep things in balance, better make it two. Lucky Libra.

Scorpio: October 23 - November 21

ScorpioWho Scorpio is:
Let's face it, pal, you're looking at one of the most enigmatic signs in the zodiac—but also one of the most unfairly maligned. It's true that Scorpios are intense, sensitive, magnetic and powerful. And their secretive demeanor is legendary (though they'd prefer to be called discreet). But they're as loyal as the day is long, exceptionally intuitive, energetic and will never pout or nag. In fact, you won't even know they're mad until you get that strange stinging sensation on the back of your neck and start feeling all poisony. You've been struck by the scorpion's tail. Fierce in their convictions, Scorpios can be identified by their deep, piercing eyes and—unbeknownst to you—have probably hypnotized you into acting like a chicken on several occasions. If you think you know a Scorpio, think again. If you've managed to win a Scorpio's trust and loyalty, you're lucky. But watch it.

What Scorpio wants:
ScorpioStill here? If you read this far, you're either in denial or a true friend. In any case, know that the gift Scorpio values most is one that's been carefully thought out. One thing that appeals is deep colors, so plush black or chocolate brown throws and bedding, or a sleek oversized vase are sure to get you on Scorpio's good side (which is the only side you want to be on.) As one of the zodiac's three water signs, most Scorpios love to be near water, which might include anything from a bedside carafe to bath products and ocean-inspired art. Since Scorpios are drawn to the mysterious and hidden, a secret keepsake box, book box or concealing floor screen could touch their heart. And with Scorpio's sensual nature, you won't go wrong with fragrant oils, lotions or candles. So now that you've done your homework, you're well on your way to finding the perfect gift for your Scorpio. But be prepared. Emotional Scorpio might just let down some of that icy exterior and get all mushy on you. Consider it an honor. But watch that tail.

Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21

SagittariusWho Sagittarius is:
Sagittarius the Archer is the zodiac's straight arrow. With a tendency toward bluntness, Sagittarians are known for speaking truth to power—and charming power's pants off. Born adventurous, outdoorsy Sagittarians love taking to the open road—preferably on horseback. When this isn't possible, they turn to other hijinks like driving high-powered cars, teaching philosophy at a junior college or going into advertising. Sagittarius is sincere, honest, trustworthy, optimistic, intelligent and outspoken. All Boy Scouts are Sagittarians. Also known as the sign of the bachelor, ever-popular Sagittarius values personal freedom above all else, so most Hells Angels are also Sagittarians (and vice versa). Sag is one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac, so never enter their name in a sweepstakes if it's going to steam you to watch them, say, jet off on a fabulous all-expenses-paid vacation at an exclusive hotel nestled in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean, while you stand at the gate, nose pressed against the glass. Especially if the vacation was for two and they didn't even ask you. Just saying. Anyway, thanks to Jupiter the party planet, "fun" is the official slogan of Sagittarius and being a people person, they'll usually take you along for the ride. Or so you'd think.

What Sagittarius wants:
Sagittarius If it's complexity you're looking for, go find a Scorpio. All that simple Sagittarius wants is outdoors, travel and fun. Anything motorized is guaranteed to make them giddy. Also (as we now know), tickets to some faraway place are always welcome. Feeling a little less spendy? Think outdoors: Lanterns, string lights, windchimes and torches, as well as games like lawn darts and croquet. Picnic items can be fun, too, e.g., picnic baskets, unbreakable dishes, tablecloths and flatware—or better yet, pack everything into the basket and whisk them off to their favorite park. Indoors, play to the Sagittarian love of books with tomes on philosophy or travel. Or if your Sag already has books stacked up all over the house, consider a nice set of shelves. Some Sagittarians are real party animals; if yours is, go for bar-related items like cocktail shakers, stemware, pitchers, bottle stoppers and swizzle sticks. If they're real party animals, throw in a lampshade. Still stumped? Why not opt for the gift everyone loves: The Pier 1 Gift Card? With more than 1,000 Pier 1 stores, it travels well. And in a pinch, it can double as a bookmark or mini-hors d'oeuvre tray. If all else fails, buy them a lottery ticket. With any luck, they'll win and take you along on a fabulous vacation for two. This time.