easter egg dinnerware set with three kids

Kids' Table Fun

Easter’s an exciting time for the youngest among us. Make their celebration extra-special with our ideas to spark their imaginations and keep everyone happy. You’ve got this, kiddo.

easter themed ceramic dinnerware set

Style the Table

Creating a kid-friendly tablescape is so easy, even a grownup can do it.

green goddess dressing and crudite with carrots

Fill mason jar mugs with goodies, then let the kids name and label each one.

three clear glass jars with assorted candies inside each one

Kids devour our fun bunny veggie snacks (never suspecting they’re healthy).

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three watermelon slices on the side of glasses filled with pink lemonade

Mix up a fruity kids’ drink that’s healthy, tastes great and even matches the table.

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white flower table decor with paper bunnies hanging from it
white flower table decor with paper bunnies hanging from it

Create an Easter Tree

Kids love learning about traditions, so sharing happy thoughts while hanging Easter ornaments on the tree engages their imaginations.

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white plush bunny in a wooden basket

Easter Party Basket

Parents know: A busy child is a happy child. Pre-assemble an activity “basket” (here, a floral-wrapped bowl) filled with a plush bunny, drawing pencils, treat bags and a puzzle or other surprise so everyone’s occupied and playing together.

two girls playing pin the easter bunny tail
two pink and teal plaid drawstring pouches

Pin the Tail on the Bunny Game

Reinvent the traditional game you played, now starring a bunny. As an incentive to try something new, everyone gets a treat bag for playing.

Download bunny & tail templates
two girls decorating easter eggs

Decorating Easter Eggs

Relax—this is a dye-free idea. Prior to the party, set up a craft station with ribbons, crayons, stickers, colorful tape and other supplies so the kids can show off their artistic talent.

white bowl, and paint brushes