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10 Ways To Fall In Love With Autumn: Home Edition


The tail-end of summer cues the beginning of one of the most romantic seasons: autumn. With this transition comes the exciting call to change our wardrobes, create new shopping lists, and redecorate the home! 

Decorating your home for autumn is best done well in advance so you have ample time to plan and shop around for the perfect pieces. Still, it’s never too late, and as long as you have a clear vision of the look you want, creating your cozy autumn abode is not an impossible project. 

To help you fall in love with autumn all over again, we have curated the top décor trends for fall in the list below. Take these as points of inspiration to guide you in your design journey this season!

1. Embrace warm, earthy tones.

Mixed Fall Rose and Hydrangea Autumn Artificial Wreath

Mixed Fall Rose and Hydrangea Autumn Artificial Wreath

While cool, gray tones dominated last year’s autumn palette, this year, a warmer and more muted palette takes the spotlight. Think of soothing, welcoming, and natural colors, like browns, maroons, and deep reds. Neutral colors with warm undertones are also great picks. 

Changing up your throw pillows is one of the easiest but most effective ways to update the feel of your space. For instance, this Harvest Pumpkin with Vines Natural Cotton Poly Filled Pillow features fall-themed embroidery in earthy colors that brings a homey, organic touch. A similar option, which features floral velvet appliqués and embroidery, is this Velvet Floral Cotton Beige/Red Pillow Cover. Those looking for a more understated look may prefer the clean and elegant look of the Floral Branches Berry Pillow.

You can even set the tone of your home’s fall look as soon as people set foot in the entryway through the Royston Sideboard Rustic Brown Bakers Rack with Baskets. Add an eye-catching accent with the Antler Design Antique Bronze Aluminum Coat Rack that can contrast the natural finish of surrounding pieces with its subtle shine. 

2. Add diversity of textures.

Solid Wood Twin Over Bunk Bed

Solid Wood Twin Over Bunk Bed

Another important design concept for autumn is creating depth through different textures. This way, you break the monotony of the space, allowing instead for an interesting visual environment that seamlessly combines a matte wood finish with soft velvet or ripped weaves. 

There are no hard rules on what textures and materials go together or don’t, so allow your creativity to play! Try combining furniture with smooth, natural finishes, such as on this Saddle Seat Wooden Oak Brown with Canted Frame Bench, with a woven one, like on this storage trunk with an arrow-weave pattern.

Meanwhile, velvet furnishing like this tufted ottoman can bring just the right touch of glam to the hearth. Those who prefer a sleeker, luxe look may opt for faux marble pieces like this black end table.

Adding textures to vertical space creates an interesting visual effect that is sure to impress any guest. A simple way of doing this would be to select elegant yet eye-catching curtains. One option would be the rust, plum, or red variations of these velvet curtains that gently reflect light across the room. For those with a boho inclination, these macrame curtains add depth and personality and can create interesting shadows in the daytime! 

3. Incorporate a nostalgic touch.

Madame Antoinette Salon Mirror

Madame Antoinette Salon Mirror

Nostalgia is a major trend in virtually any field right now, with many artists, architects, and designers drawing inspiration from the past to create innovative yet evocative pieces. Borrowing this technique in your home decorating is a great way to connect with the romance of yesteryears while also looking to the future.

You don’t have to make major changes to bring a nostalgic touch to your home一a few well-chosen décor can do the trick wonderfully. Display this high-quality reproduction of an art nouveau travel print for the 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair in your foyer for an instant dramatic touch. 

Those with a penchant for retro décor might enjoy displaying this bell clock in their living room. Arrange it next to some golden candle holders or a crystal decanter to create a vintage yet luxurious feel.

You can upgrade your fireplace screen to this vintage-inspired bronze piece for bigger changes and prepare your home for the coming colder months! 

This farmhouse-style Handpainted In Vintage Three Drawer Chest is an excellent choice for those looking to bring both an artistic feel and a rustic vibe to their space. The chest’s weathered light oak veneer gives a tasteful aged look, but its roomy drawers and sturdy construction make it a fantastic modern piece. 

4. Focus on comfort.

Smooth Oatmeal Beige Back Manual Recliner Glider

Smooth Oatmeal Beige Back Manual Recliner Glider

Comfort is the heart of the autumn look. For this season, skip the aesthetically pleasing but uncomfortable or impractical furniture. Autumn is the beginning of the time to slow down and gather with family, so ensuring a cozy and comfortable home is optimal.

Now would be the perfect time to upgrade your living room seating. The Ilyas Upholstered Right Facing Corner Sectional is a fantastic pick that balances comfort and style. Its straight lines, square arms, and soft velvet upholstery invites relaxation for the family; it's available in hunter green and gray with gold edges. 

Ensure that you have well-placed end tables so people can easily set down their phones or refreshments when engaging in good conversation! This farmhouse-style side table, with its grooved door and sturdy make, is a great, homey pick that can complement your living room seating. Make sure to have coasters within reach to prevent water stains on your surfaces!

You can even elevate your setup further by draping a Chunky Knit Standard Throw Blanket or a Fringed Cable Knit Cotton Throw over your sofa. Complete the look with this woolen floral rug for color, depth, and added comfort.

For the bedroom, switching to seasonal beddings is a great opportunity to refresh the space. Check out this bedspread set with a ruffled skirt with a shabby chic feel; its sandy neutral version is perfect for a fall-inspired home. If you want a break from white or solid-colored sheets, this playful patterned sheet set is a stylish pick! 

5. Experiment with pops of color.

Sorra Home 44" x 44" Papasan Cushion in Wedge Wood

Just because the season's palette isn't as vibrant as summer's doesn't mean there's no room for pops of color! With autumn, the key is creating elegant focal points using color. 

Consider designating an accent wall in one of your rooms by repainting it in a trendy hue. Alternatively, you can keep your walls a plain shade, like a light terra cotta or off-white, and instead style it up by hanging striking wall décor, like this Graceful Poppy Wall Art by Norman Wyatt Jr. Handcrafted in Tennessee, this piece brings a contemporary vibrance and simplicity that can draw anyone's attention. 

An easy way to upgrade your interior spaces for fall season is by simply adding a lovely wreath to adorn a wall, a flower vase on the coffee table, or a potted plant or tree in the corner of a room. You'll love these options: Peony Hydrangea and Pumpkin Fall Artificial Wreath, Harvest Fall Candelabrum Arrangement, Fall Pumpkin and Berries in Washed Vase Autumn Harvest Artificial Arrangement, and Fall Magnolia Artificial Tree.   

A stunning accent chair is another great way of bringing color to the room. This Kayleen Upholstered Swivel Accent Chair, made with soft velvet fabric on a strong wood frame, comes in different eye-catching colors. 

Those with an artistic inclination may want to incorporate pieces like this glass art vase! This colorful piece is made from high-grade glass and is a glamorous way to showcase your favorite florals. As a bonus, its captivating look will likely be an icebreaker when you have guests over! 

6. Bring in natural materials.

Vanessa Wicker White Washed Bar Stool

Vanessa Wicker White Washed Bar Stool

Draw inspiration from the natural world by incorporating different organic elements into your space. This will be a popular trend this season as more people want to channel a cozy, grounded vibe in their homes. 

You can combine wooden furniture of various tints and finishes for a truly rustic feel. For instance, you can incorporate the polished look of pieces like this stylish floating shelf, which adds functionality and aesthetic dimension, or this contemporary dining table featuring clean, geometric lines and a solid pine make. 

Having some rattan furniture is another classic move in designing a nature-inspired space. Decor like this area rug, made from 100% jute, can revitalize any tile or hardwood floor. With its vintage pattern and handcrafted make, it can bring a bohemian yet sophisticated touch to any room. For a bigger investment, you can also opt to upgrade your dining room chairs to our Wynona Rattan Barrel Natural Dining Chair for a casual yet sophisticated vibe. 

Sunlight is a natural material most homes can do more of! If you have windows, this season would be a great time to highlight them using sheer curtains or decor on the windowsill. You can also create an illusion of a bigger and brighter space through the use of mirrors like this Cathedral Wood Framed Vintage Mirror, which also brings an antique feel. A more contemporary alternative would be this elegant octagonal mirror.

In terms of décor, indoor plants and other floral elements continue to be very popular. Try placing small plants in various areas of your house一even the bathroom一to bring some of the outdoors in. Artificial ones are a good alternative for those intimidated by plant maintenance. This seasonal wreath, for example, features an arrangement of magnolia, velvet pumpkins, and pinecones that perfectly embody the autumn spirit. 

7. Balance vintage and modern.

Faux Marble Brass Marmo Modern Marble Look C Shape Side Table

Faux Marble Brass Marmo Modern Marble Look C Shape Side Table

While nostalgia is an influential mood in autumn décor, contemporary aesthetics continue to remain in prominence as well. This season's key to stunning design is balancing both sensibilities: having a hint of the past in future-forward pieces. 

An example of this ideal is this marble geometric end table that channels classical romance through its smooth marble surface while evoking a futuristic style with its geometric make. You can decorate this further by arranging a small vase with fall florals or a stack of tasteful coffee table books on top. 

For shelving, this industrial farmhouse piece is a great option as it adds a ton of storage space while bringing a charming feel to the room. Made with pine wood and sturdy metal, this ladder shelf is the perfect place to display your collection of books, house plants, or other beloved knick knacks in style.  

Décor options that capture this trend are numerous. Some season favorites include this set of distressed farmhouse candle holders, which work wonderfully on mantels or console tables, this charming cottage antique resin table lamp, and the Sunburst Metal Wall Mirror Set, which are guaranteed to bring radiance into any room!

8. Create a cozy ambiance.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Set of 2 Multicolor Throw Pillow Cover

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Set of 2 Multicolor Throw Pillow Cover

Investing in comfortable furniture is the best foundation for a relaxing environment. Having a chaise lounge, like this tufted linen piece, immediately creates an inviting and luxurious space. It has an ergonomic build designed for optimal comfort that doesn't compromise on aesthetics. 

Those with outdoor spaces can also consider pieces like the Acacia Wood Lounger that ensures comfort extends to all corners of the home. 

Practical choices to create a cozy ambiance include functional ottomans that can serve as footstools, additional storage, or even end tables. The Oliver Round Velvet Storage Ottoman, which features a metallic gold band detail, is a reliable pick for virtually any kind of space. Depending on your ottoman of choice, a tray can provide further support while doubling as décor. 

You should also evaluate the condition of all your chair cushions, if any. Now might be the time to switch them up to both refresh your furniture and ensure optimal comfort. You can upgrade your papasan cushion to a cinnamon hue for a fall look, or you can simply ornament some seats with a cover like this Sheepskin Gray Seat Cover. Take it even further by having a good number of throw pillows in your sofas. 

Candles are also an easy but effective decor choice, bringing warmth and relaxing scents to any space. You can’t go wrong with some classic fall scents with our pumpkin spice and patchouli. Those who aren’t fans of candlesmoke can opt for LED candles or room sprays, like this asian spice room fragrance.

9. Utilize vertical space.

Brown Metal and Wood Industrial Wall Shelves

Brown Metal and Wood Industrial Wall Shelves

When decorating your home for fall, maximize your vertical space! Doing so helps you make the most out of your room while giving it added dimension. Wall décor, shelving, and hanging fixtures do wonders in giving depth to any space.

Seasonal décor is always a good start: this Beaded Forest Wall Sculpture is a colorful and eye-catching wall accent that channels both the natural vibe of autumn with the festivity of the coming holidays. Another option that serves as both autumn and holiday décor is this reversible white wooden piece that features "autumn" on one side and "joyful" on the other. 

A practical but stylish choice is the Industrial Farmhouse Metal X Hall Tree Bench which would work great in your entryway or mudroom. It's a simple way of organizing the space as you enter the house as it features seven hooks on which you can hang coats or hats, as well as a bench with a bottom shelf for footwear.

For classical glamour, this Alcott Espresso Sliding Door Media Cabinet is a great addition to a study, media room, or spacious parlor. The middle shelves of this window-paned piece are also adjustable, so you can arrange them to best suit your needs. This is especially great for those with delicate collections they would like to display safely! 

Finally, make sure to give proper thought to your curtains. Drapes can really dress up a room and define its personality. For instance, the Alcott Espresso Sliding Door Media Cabinet Curtain features a charming contemporary floral print that can bring feminine energy to a space. Its effective darkening capacity also allows for more efficient energy use in the daytime. 

10. Create depth through lighting.

Shade Rose Gold Finish Arco Floor Lamp

Shade Rose Gold Finish Arco Floor Lamp

The final tip on this list is one that people often underestimate: the power of good lighting! 

With warmth and coziness being the central moods of the season, lighting is a powerful tool in your design arsenal. Start with the basics: if you don't have table lamps yet or are looking to upgrade your existing ones, now is the perfect time to shop for them! This Antique Gold Table Lamp with Cream Fabric Shade brings an old-fashioned sensibility that evokes the romance of the past. Place this in the study or by the couch to instantly create a cozy reading nook!

Those looking for more playful lighting options can experiment with decorative lights and glimmer strings. These battery-operated wine cork LED string lights create a festive and fantastical feel. Simply place them in wine bottles to create a unique lighting fixture that works great in either a shaded outdoor space like a porch or on the living room console.

Antique enthusiasts may enjoy this Tiffany-inspired semi-flush mount reminiscent of Victorian parlors. It features hand-crafted Tinted stained glass that creates a warm illumination rather than a harsh spotlight. 

These are just some of the best ways to start your home improvement endeavor this autumn. Still, with an incredible variety of furniture and décor, this season's design possibilities are endless!  

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