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Curtain and Drape Ideas for Different Areas of the Home

Window treatments are important in a house’s design equation, and that’s an established fact that cannot be emphasized enough. But as with many elements when it comes to decorating spaces, dealing with this requirement is never a matter of one-size-fits-all. Depending on the size of the window, room layout, aesthetic, material, and benefits, there are different factors that come into play when deciding on the window treatment that’s most suitable.

If you prefer the flounce and flow of curtains and drapes more than the straightforward appeal of shades and blinds, it’s better to know the difference between the former first. Curtains and drapes are terms that are used interchangeably, but they’re not actually the same. In a nutshell, drapes are more formal than curtains, and are made of heavier or thicker fabrics versus the lightness of the latter’s fabric panels. Curtains are attached to rods through rings, grommets, or rod pockets, whereas drapes are characterized by pleats and are typically hung through hooks.

Aside from the function curtains and drapes serve for limiting or blocking the light and lending privacy, there’s no arguing that they can make or break the look of a room, too, with their design and the way they’re used in a space. 

Here are some recommendations on what curtains and drapes to use for the different areas of your home: 

1. For the living room and dining room

New Wave

While this will ultimately depend on the layout and interior design of your space, there are certain factors that can help you decide on what to pick. For instance, since these are areas or rooms where the family usually gathers or hangs out, you might want something that welcomes a generous amount of light even with less privacy. This way, the space looks light and bright, and is more inviting. Curtains can also play a role when you’re trying to go for an indoor-outdoor feel in these areas as their tendency to be sheer can work to a space’s advantage. 

  • If you’re looking for something light and airy, consider our faux linen Caroline Window Curtain panel pair. Available in silver and blue, it looks delicate with its embroidered chenille detailing.  
  • Establish further visual interest in a space with color-blocked curtains. This is a great alternative for when you want to strike a balance between the minimalism of solid curtains and the impact of printed ones. Check out our two-toned Linen Button Window Curtain with pleat and button details. With six color and four length options, you’ll surely find the one that will suit either your living or dining area.
  • Create a statement with printed curtains, like our leaf-print Devonia Allover Room Darkening Set of 2 Window Curtains. With its room darkening feature, it’s perfect for filtering out natural light and providing ample privacy in a family room or a formal dining room. Choose from color combinations of navy and green, white and navy, yellow and blue, and white and green.
  • For a subdued touch, turn to solid-hued window panels like this Linen Button Pinched Pleat Window Curtain that’s made of faux linen and comes with a back tab rod pocket. Dress up your living and dining areas with the universal appeal of this curtain. Its monochromatic appeal is great for complementing light wall paint for continuity or providing contrast to a dark wall.  

  • 2. For the kitchen

Linen Ruffle Window Panel

Don’t forget about the windows in your kitchen. This space needs tons of light and a decorative touch, too, and your choice of curtain can help achieve that. Typically, the windows in the kitchen are placed alongside cabinets and since the area is usually filled with stainless steel appliances, the design intention for the space leans on lending warmth and softening the overall look. That’s where curtains can play a significant part.  

  • Add a charming appeal to your kitchen with this Boho Macrame Leaf Valance made of 100% cotton. Natural light that enters through its fringes will make for an interesting shadow play in the space, while serving its purpose of filtering the light. This style is available in two sizes, providing a way to achieve a cohesive look whether you have double-hung, picture, or casement windows.
  • Valance is a traditional choice for single or double-hung windows. If you simply want to add texture to your kitchen, a subtle accent courtesy of your curtains can do the trick. This Wave Texture Window Valance features a simple textured weave pattern, and comes with a rod pocket for a neat finish.
  • Boho designs are great options that are sure to deliver the charm and warmth you’re hoping to achieve. This valance has a vibrant paisley print, with tones of yellow and green on a cinnamon red base, that’ll inject a punch of playfulness in the kitchen. It comes with a 3-inch tab top for easier installation.
  • If, for instance, your kitchen area leads to an outdoor space and you want to add an extra layer of shield by dressing up a door with curtain panels, this textured sheer option is perfect. It’s specifically created to establish an indoor-outdoor feel through its sheer fabric.

  • 3. For the bedroom

Star Set of 2 Blackout Window Panels

For the bedroom, establishing privacy is of utmost priority. Drapes are ideal for this space because of their thick material. But if you want to let the natural light in here during daytime, there’s the tried-and-tested option of layering drapes with sheer curtains; set aside the drapes with tiebacks or holdbacks. This way, you essentially get the best of both worlds. Look for additional insulation and darkening benefits, too; there are curtains that are particularly created for those purposes.

  • In the bedroom, where your goal is the ultimate rest and relaxation, blackout curtains are ideal. Our Mia Ombre Insulated Grommet Blackout Set of 2 Window Curtains block natural light without leaving the room looking dark and dull, because they come in refreshing hue options of aqua, blush, and lavender. On top of that feature, its material helps reduce energy costs.

  • Create drama in the bedroom with our Ivy Tassel Set of 2 Window Curtains. It has a layered design at the top that creates the illusion of having a valance. It’s designed with a rod pocket, and is available in three sizes.
  • For a statement-making accent in the bedroom, go for bold prints that are likewise not too visually jarring. This set of 2 window curtains has small anchor prints, is timeless, and offers room darkening capabilities.
  • In lieu of curtains that kiss or puddle on the floor, look to the effortless style of short curtains. It is crucial, however, to check the measurement of the curtains in proportion to the height and width of your window so you don’t end up with an awkward length. Our Elephant Stripe Room Darkening Set of 2 Window Curtains will be perfect for a nursery or kid’s room. It has soft colors that contribute to a soothing ambiance but does a good job at blocking natural light as well.

Nail Head Trim In Beige Upholstered Platform Bed

Dressing up spaces with curtains and drapes makes such a huge impact in the overall aesthetic. Updating these elements every so often is one of the easiest ways to change up a room’s look and mood. It’s fun to shop for these home accessories, but it’s also easy to drown in the options. 

To ensure you’re making the right purchase, be extra mindful of the measurements not only of the curtains and drapes themselves but the windows you intend to style, too. Consider the color or print carefully, too, so that they complement and do not clash with your furnishings and other décor.

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