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The season of harvest and celebration has once again come around! For many families, Thanksgiving is one of the most important days of the year. It is the time for friends, family, and loved ones to gather and give thanks for the blessings received in the past year. 

With this important holiday comes an important ritual: preparing and redecorating the home. After all, the gatherings and celebrations take place within this space, so it’s vital to cultivate a setting where this season’s activities are most conducive. To do so means prioritizing comfort, incorporating seasonal elements, and developing a warm, inviting space where everyone can feel at home. 

Even though this holiday comes every year, it can still be daunting to think about how to prepare the home for Thanksgiving properly. Or, it could be your first time decorating your home for this season, and you are looking for helpful design tips. This comprehensive guide will surely help bring warmth, cheer, and festivity to your home this Thanksgiving! 

1. Stick to a consistent autumn color palette

Start by thinking about your color scheme, as this would serve as an overarching guide to the design you want to achieve. Thanksgiving colors resemble classic, warm-toned fall colors: reds, browns, oranges, and maroons. Incorporating these shades into your space is a foolproof way of bringing the Thanksgiving spirit into the home! Start with the easy, effective décor techniques: switch up your throw pillows to seasonal picks like this Pier 1 Rust Velvet Lumbar Pillow, a simple, solid-colored piece with elegant beaded trims, or this Solid Botanical Petals Cotton Orange Poly Filled Pillow for an exquisite floral touch.  

You can also elevate the space with the Morgan Orange Wool Rug for a pop of color and a hint of warmth. Those looking for a stylish and functional piece can opt for this eye-catching and textured pouf that's made with recycled silk and cotton. Made from a viscose and linen blend and striking brass nailhead trim, this designer-inspired ottoman brings a contemporary touch to any space. It would work great at the foot of the bed or as an accent piece in the living room.    

For a more minimalist approach, you may instead opt for fall neutrals. This color scheme, defined by various shades of white, tan, and some black, still gives a warm feel to the home but also a more contemporary, streamlined vibe. For instance, this Transpac Natural Fiber Multicolored Harvest Neutral Pumpkin Wreath embodies the Thanksgiving spirit in an elegant, understated palette. 

Another idea would be to refresh your living room with a new throw like this Sherpa Tassel Fringe Neutral Single Throw, which features a tassel fringe border on two sides; it perfectly complements rustic, farmhouse, or boho designs. 

If you want to adorn bare walls, this Autumn’s Leaves Neutral Canvas Giclee Wall Art is a stunningly subdued piece that brings nature and the season’s romance into your home. Meanwhile, this canvas wall art piece, Birch Trees On White Canvas Giclee Wall Art, is another décor inspired by nature with an elegant, abstract flair. 

Those who want something a bit more out of the box may enjoy exploring pastels this year. Soft hues, like dusty pinks, oranges, and off-whites, can bring a more feminine, homey vibe. Some great examples of décor that belong in this palette include the Harper Transitional Vintage Amaranth Pink/Gray Rug, a distressed rug with a vintage look; the White Lace Lattice Set Of 2 Window Curtain, an elegant piece that gives depth and texture to any space; and this Wood White Harvest Cut Out Décor Tabletop that is season-appropriate yet timeless at the same time.

Whatever you go with, make sure to keep all your color choices consistent for a cohesive and visually impressive space. Do remember not to overdo the colors, though. Make sure to pair the bold colors with muted neutrals so the overall palette stays visually appealing rather than chaotic.

2. Deck out the entryway

Harvest Multicolor Metal Pumpkin Welcome Hanger

You would want your décor to grab attention from the moment guests step into your home, so the entryway is an important space to furnish and decorate. The idea is to pull them into the warm atmosphere of your home as soon as they enter to create an inviting experience that will stay with them as they move deeper into the house. 

Start by incorporating fall colors into the hallway through storage baskets, coat hangers, or a new paint job. This Pinecone Design Antique Bronze Aluminum Coat Rack meets both form and function for a rustic, natural touch. It’s an accessible, sturdy piece for your scarves, hats, and jackets and serves a decorative purpose. 

Further deck out your vertical space with this 4 Hook Wall Mounted Coat Rack. It features a whitewashed look, brass hooks, and a shelf space for decorative wares. 

For décor, the possibilities are endless: this Wood Rustic White Word Set of 2 Harvest Décor immediately welcomes guests into the home while giving the warm autumn vibe. Another variation is this colorful Harvest Multicolor Metal Pumpkin Welcome Hanger

For a fun and unconventional approach, you can go for the Metal Multicolor Harvest Light Up Turkey. You also can’t go wrong with adding some plants or a floral element to your entryway or mudroom with something like Metal Multicolored Rustic Sunflower and Cotton Arrangement in Pitcher Harvest Decor.

3. Bring warmth and coziness to the living room

Harvest Pumpkin with Vines Natural Cotton Pillow Cover

When your friends and family visit your place, they will most likely spend most of their time in the living room. So, ensuring a comfortable and stylish space is vital! You would want the season’s cheer to be all over this gathering space without overdoing it. The key is to stick to a consistent color scheme or theme and to have accent pieces or areas that elevate the room without overpowering everything else. 

Start with reevaluating your furniture. If you have the opportunity to refresh your living room, consider this Scott Living Powell Sofa. This piece is made from faux Caribou leather and has a warm and sophisticated vibe. Complete the seating with a throw, like this Woven Acrylic Gray Striped Jacquard Throw, and select pillows that complement the sofa while providing comfort. This Harvest Pumpkin with Vines Natural Cotton Pillow Cover, which features an embroidered pumpkin and vinery, is a great option with a rustic, handmade touch. Finally, a vintage-inspired rug like the Gallagher Vintage Transitional Koti Orange and Beige Rug adds the perfect finishing touch to this area. 

Another way of creating a truly cozy space is by engaging all senses through design. Sight is the most obvious one: having interesting decor and a coherent color scheme for the space is like a feast for the eyes. Create more visual interest by mixing different patterns and textures as well. For example, you can match this Dark Walnut Metal & Wood Square Coffee Table, which also features adequate storage space underneath, with the Hand Woven Marone Velvet Metal Base Ottoman. These pieces already exude classic elegance一but with the right interior styling, they will serve as solid foundations for a great Thanksgiving-ready home.

Meanwhile, having scented candles engages the sense of smell and gives the room a luxurious feel. There is a wide variety of scents to choose from: the autumn favorite Pumpkin Spice, Warm Apple Cider, Pink Champagne, and Cuban Vanilla. Not only do these candles envelop the room in distinctively fall aromas, but they also serve as charming decorative pieces. 

4. Add curb appeal

Pier 1 Autumn Fall Oak Leaf Wreath With Natural Cones And Acorns

Do not forget the exterior appearance of your home. It leaves an impression on both visitors and passersby, so you would definitely want your best foot forward here as well.

A simple yet effective décor technique is hanging a Thanksgiving wreath on your front door. There are a number of options to choose from depending on what suits your vision. For the classic fall look, you can opt for the Pier 1 Autumn Fall Oak Leaf Wreath With Natural Cones And Acorns. It’s bright, season-appropriate, and elegant. A chicer, muted version would be this Harvest Multicolor Floral Bright Bounty Wreath which features an assortment of artificial pine cones, dried flowers, and pumpkins. Meanwhile, this Artificial Magnolia Wreath is the perfect pick for those who want a more understated but still eye-catching wreath. 

You can also switch up your regular doormat with something appropriate to the season. Inspired by fall florals, this Iris Creme And Red Polypropylene Rug brings a vibrant look to your doorstep. This Sunflower Yellow Doormat isn’t quite the usual fall look, but it does exude warmth and character. 

5. Embrace the pumpkin and turkey décor

Pumpkin Orange/Mustard Tablecloth

Autumn only comes once a year, so you might as well lean into all aspects! Thanksgiving, the most important holiday of the season, is an especially great time to bring out all the pumpkin- and turkey-themed décor. 

There are tons of ways to incorporate these ubiquitous symbols into your home. Some great picks include this Resin Orange Harvest Wooden Pumpkin Decor, Resin Brown Harvest Scarecrow Pumpkin Figurine, and Foam Brown Harvest Glitz Turkey, which you can display either by the doorway, in the mudroom, or in the living room. This Metal Brown Harvest Rustic Pumpkin Decor is an option that comes in a variety of sizes to give any corner added depth. 

For added flair, this Metal Multicolored Pumpkin and Sunflower Harvest Drop, made from faux flora, serves as great seasonal wall décor or even as a gift. Meanwhile, this Metal Multicolor Harvest Light Up Turkey is a fun, quirky pick sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces!

You can include the pumpkin motif in other functional pieces as well, such as in this Cotton Multicolor Harvest Embroidered Pumpkin Tea Towel or Avenie Fall Pumpkin And Squash I Cutting Board Rectangle for some added color and quirky appeal in your kitchen.

When setting the table, whether for immediate family or guests, using these Pumpkin Orange/Mustard Set of 6 Napkins or Pumpkin Orange/Mustard Tablecloth adds a playful touch to the meal. 

Those who prefer a more understated expression of the pumpkin image would love this Caroline Okun Pumpkin Spice Rectangular Tray, which features an abstract imaging of the symbol. Not only is it modern and stylish, but it can also serve functional purposes, especially during gatherings at home! 

When deciding where to put these décor, make sure to consider proper visibility, safe placement, and visual effect in mind. Balance is always key in achieving a cohesive space, so offset the boldness of prints with subdued solid accessories.

6. Add fall florals–and fauna!

Foam White Pumpkin Floral Arrangement Harvest Decor

With fall being the harvest season, natural abundance is a key theme you should definitely incorporate into your design! 

To do so, consider keeping plants and flower vases inside the home. For instance, this Foam White Pumpkin Floral Arrangement Harvest Decor is an elegant, understated piece that brings a natural flair into any space. You can display this in the entryway to leave a tasteful first impression on any visitor.

An arrangement like the Metal Multicolored Rustic Sunflower and Cotton Arrangement in Pitcher Harvest Decor is a simple way of adding rustic charm to any room. It features autumnal florals that evoke the romantic mood of the season. 

Another option would be this LED Wood With Metal Trim Box With Greenery, which brings the warmth and intimacy of modern farmhouse chic. This would be a great nature-inspired tabletop décor!

If you like to regularly brighten your home with fresh flowers, you must have stunning vases, especially this season! The best vases are versatile without being boring. 

For instance, this Iron Sconce with Finials Amphora Vase is a great accent piece that can go with virtually any aesthetic. Another option is this Contemporary Gold Glass Set of 2 Vases, which works great on the mantel or dining table. Plus, the vases’ gold-amber tint makes them perfect for the warm, Thanksgiving look.

Aside from florals, you can also give a farmhouse vibe by incorporating some animal-inspired decor. This Resin Multicolor Harvest Large Pumpkin Owl Decor is a charming piece that can work well for both Thanksgiving and even Halloween! For something on the cuter side, this Resin Multicolor Set of 3 Harvest Elegant Fox Figurines brings a much-needed child’s wonder to any space.  

7. Set the Thanksgiving table

HOS Set of 2 Marble Wine FREEZE Stemmed Cooling Cups

When the hour for Thanksgiving dinner comes, you’d want your table to be decked out! Decorating the table is important as this is where the family really comes together to enjoy a meal.

In setting your Thanksgiving table, keep in mind that your arrangement should be spacious enough for guests to eat comfortably, and for the food to be set down in the middle. Having a beautifully decorated table is great, but it should not interfere with functionality. 

Start by reevaluating your dining area. Is your current set sufficient, or are you due for an upgrade? If so, this season would be the perfect time to refresh your furnishings! Consider the Contemporary Farmhouse 6 Pieces Dining Set, a spacious yet intimate set that gives off a modern, rustic vibe. 

Next, decide if you want a tablecloth, runner, or both. For classic elegance, you can go for the Natural Toscana Linen Blend Tablecloth. The cloth’s simple look, reminiscent of Mediterranean summers, makes it the perfect backdrop for a well-decorated table. Pair it with the Forest Harvest Mustard & Blue Table Runner for a colorful, seasonal take.  

For a more ornate option, this Olive Tree Khaki & Blue Table Cloth brings a charming, natural vibe to the dinner table. To create visual balance, you can go for simpler napkins and placements like this Pier 1 White Napkin with Silver Trim Set of 4 and this handmade jute placemat.

You can also opt to showcase your table without either if you want a more subtle look. If so, you’ll want to invest in eye-catching centerpieces and napkin rings so that your table still looks unique. This Harvest Set of 3 Multicolor Ceramic Candle Holder for rustic warmth adds color and a vintage touch. 

Florals are always a good choice in table décor. You can place these Harvest Brown Wood Twig Autumn Bunch in a vase, or creatively arrange them across the length of the table. 

Napkin rings may feel a little formal, but they’re a simple addition that powerfully elevates a table setting. These felted wool Pumpkin Spice Set Of 4 Napkin Rings is a fun and colorful choice that leans into the symbol of the season. Families with younger members would especially enjoy this! 

For a more luxurious feel, this Set of 4 Vine Design Napkin Rings, made from 100% metal, is a heavyweight piece with a natural charm. 

Now is also the perfect time to bring out the special glassware. If you’re looking for new ones, consider these curated picks: this pack of four Outdoor Wine Glasses, which feature a beautiful cut pattern and are shatter resistant, is a great pick; a more modern choice is this HOS Set of 2 Marble Wine FREEZE Stemmed Cooling Cups.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to freestyle your way through the design process and let your creativity run wild! For now, rest assured that by following these tips, you can transform your home into a space where many Thanksgiving family memories are made, and that is priceless. 

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