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Thinking of gifts for your mom or the other moms in your life is both easy and hard. It can be easy because you’re familiar with their personalities and what they typically like. But then again, how many special occasions have you already celebrated with them? Maybe you think you’ve now run out of unique gift ideas to surprise and delight them with. 

Aside from fashion and beauty items, gifts for the home are usually appreciated by most moms一regardless of their style preferences and lifestyles, or whether they’re housewives or career women. With all the responsibilities they need to juggle on a daily basis, it’s important that they come home to and live in a space that not only relaxes them but makes them happy as well. That is why gifts they can use at home are always welcome.   

Still, presents for moms are never a case of one-gift-fits-all. We’ll help you find the best, most thoughtful gifts that perfectly suit each mom on your list: 

1. For the Zen Mom

For moms who know the value of self-love and being one with their thoughts, it’s absolutely a must to create an oasis or a sanctuary out of their home. Things that are designed particularly for sensory bliss greatly contribute to achieving that. 

  • Whether used in oil warmers or poured to refresh potpourri in a jar, these Ginger Peach Fragrance Oils can easily put one in the mood for rest and relaxation with its classic, refreshing mix of sweet peach, spicy ginger, and hints of black tea fragrances.
  • For a mom who’s into yoga, it’s a must to be enveloped in calming scents. Check out this Blue Chamomile Reed Diffuser which has that clean, crisp aroma of green apple intermingled with sheer floral nuances.
  • Plants have the power to ease the mind and reduce stress. Whether it’s for her meditation corner or desk space, a touch of greenery一even when it’s faux like this Phoenix Palm in Deco White Ceramic Pot一can undoubtedly enhance the ambience.
  • Scented candles are staples in a home, and it’s easy to see (or smell) why. Transport your recipient to a summery destination with this Sea Salt & Lavender Filled 3-Wick Candle

2. For the Fashionable Mom

Despite the juggling act they typically find themselves in daily, moms can still look fabulous! Usually, this love for fashion is likewise mirrored in the home through curated spaces and stylish accents.  

  • Go for an elevated, luxurious take on the essential catchall. This Shimmer Rectangular Jeweled Tray is perfect for gathering and displaying a few of her favorite jewelry.
  • It’s easy to imagine a fashionista owning countless accessories. In which case, this Silver Crystal Glam Jewelry Box with round faux diamond crystals and silver metal frames will definitely come in handy.
  • Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. And to help her achieve a gorgeous overall style, with lovely hair and makeup looks to match her outfits, this Mirrored Vanity Table will make for a statement piece in the bedroom.
  • A walk-in closet deserves a chic seating idea. It’ll be useful for when she’s putting on her shoes. She’ll love the scene-stealing, sophisticated design of this Faux Fur Ottoman.
  • If the dress code for dressing up her home is “black tie,” then this Brass Gold and Clear Metal Beaded Bedside Table Lamp is every inch fit for polishing her space.  

3. For the Mom Who Loves Entertaining

Is she the hostess with the mostest type? Anything that will enhance her tablescape and can be used in the kitchen will be appreciated. If she loves entertaining at home, she can never have enough dining and party must-haves like plates, glasses, tablecloths or runners, and table napkins. She’ll want to have one or a set for every theme! 

  • It’s great to have thematic entertaining essentials, but it’s best to stock up on classic, versatile designs, too. This Solid Green Napkin Set is stylishly subdued and can go well with a wide range of tablescape themes.
  • Plates play a huge role in making a table setting come alive. With a visually appealing style, like this Lemon Tree Set of Dinner Plates, meals are guaranteed to be more enjoyable.   
  • Attention to detail is something common for women who are into entertaining. Every element counts. Yes, even dish towels一like this Avocado Abstract Floral Set一have to look nice, especially when mom are whipping up dishes in an open kitchen. 
  • Classic tablecloths, such as this Round Blooming Floral White Lace, will allow her to be more creative with the dinnerware, serving ware, glassware, and other table accessories.
  • What’s a table setting without a centerpiece? Complete her tablescape with this pretty Pink and White Rose Floral Bunch

4. For the Mom Who’s Also a Plant Parent

There are tons of gift ideas for a plant mom. Just as how varied plants are, the plant tools and accessories you may buy as a present are also plentiful, whether they’re purely aesthetic or meant to be functional.

  • Add a stylish accent in a corner by her reading nook or workspace with these Metal Contemporary Planters that are available in gold and silver.
  • For her to better appreciate her garden, this Grand Peacock Metal Garden Loveseat Bench will be a great addition outdoors. It has a vintage French style that’s uniquely beautiful.
  • This Floral Garden Stone Set made of durable resin will complement her colorful planters and further decorate her outdoor oasis.
  • Succulents can easily spruce up a space, whether displayed on top of a table, on a bookshelf, or by the windowsill. For her growing succulent collection, this Succulent Supported Planter with drainage holes and gold iron base will be put to good use.
  • A plant mom won’t be able to resist a lovely pot or planter. When she sees this cute Snail and Ladybug Planter, she’ll want to plant something immediately.  

5. For the Artsy Mom

If art appreciation is her thing, her home must be filled with masterpieces from paintings and wall art to unique décor and sculpture. Give her something to marvel at and accentuate her home.

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