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Wedding season is upon us, which means that aside from finding the right outfit, it is also imperative to come up with the best gifts that soon-to-be-weds would love. While most couples normally have a wedding registry to give options to their nearest and dearest, it’s also nice to look somewhere for ideas, especially if most of the good stuff on the list have already been snapped up.

Wedding gifts are usually home-related since family and friends help the newlyweds furnish their new home. So think practical appliances, stylish furniture, and unique décor that most couples would be thrilled to receive! Need inspiration? Scroll on for the best housewarming gifts guaranteed to impress just-got-hitched lovebirds.

1. For culinary lovers

Teak Small Square Trivet

You know what they say, the best way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. For the couple whose love story probably started over a shared delight with an indulgent dish and whose discerning palates always means they serve the finest delicacies on get-togethers, here are some gifts worth considering.

Try these:

2. For the Instagram-obsessed

Pearl Gold Flamingo Table Lamp with Feathered Shade

If you’re shopping for lovebirds who are particular with every eclectic detail in their home, opting for chic and stylish items will do the trick! Not only will they appreciate your help in letting them select the best pieces for their abode, but your gift will also be a standout offering that you’ll see whenever you come over to their house. Whether it’s for an unabashed décor maximalist or a modern optimist, there’s no shortage of unique pieces in our selections.

Try these:

  • Any home buddy knows that you can never go wrong with a gorgeous lamp. The Pearl Gold Flamingo Table Lamp with Feathered Shade is a perfect light source to brighten up a room and everyone’s mood.
  • If you’re thinking of buying something that provokes calmness and productivity, there’s nothing quite like a nature-inspired painting to bring the vibe. Autumn’s Leaves Neutral Canvas Giclee and Blue And Gold Poppies I Canvas Giclee are our top picks. These canvas prints are personally handcrafted by artisans for their owners to confidently display on their walls, exuding vibrance and blending well with the rest of the interiors.
  • A must-have piece to keep the Instagram feed growing, gift the lovebirds a 2 Piece Brown Metal Industrial Wall Mirror Set, which is an accent piece that works well in an entryway or a living room. Not only can they check their outfits here or use it as an Instagram prop, but it also makes for a great alternative to art. 
  • In terms of home decoration, the new queen of the house would love a fabulous rug, which is a hero piece for creating an atmosphere and warming up a room. Save her some time (and husband’s too) through gifting them the Gallagher Vintage Transitional Prussian Blue and Beige Rug, a handmade rug that features a unique combination of steely blue, rusty red, and marigold yellow that looks and feels luxurious.
  • Anyone crazy for picture-perfect furniture will surely love the Sandy Velvet Ottoman, an accent piece that adds elegance to any spot at home. 

3. For the Homebodies

Harbor Life Furniture Protector Blue and Taupe Single Sofa

For the couple who would much rather snuggle up at home than go to parties and whose “Netflix and chill” time is sacred, the best gifts are all about hibernation-friendly items. Allow them to enjoy married life at a relaxed pace with the best gifts to inspire their downtime.

Try these:

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