The Ultimate Christmas Wonderland: Explore Pier 1's  Christmas Shop - Pier 1

The Ultimate Christmas Wonderland: Explore Pier 1's Christmas Shop

Welcome, decoristas! , to the Pier 1 Christmas Shop—a place where holiday dreams come to life. Christmas isn't just a season; it's an art form, with you the artist and with the decor.


Christmas Decor: Elevating the Everyday


When it comes to decking the halls, it's the details that truly matter. Consider the elegance of a beautifully arranged dining table adorned with glistening ornaments, or a charming entryway with a lush garland cascading down the banister. Every room in your home has the potential to become a Christmas masterpiece.


Imagine creating a captivating tablescape with a centerpiece, where ornaments and candles mingle to set the stage for magical celebrations. Choose from an array of centerpieces such as festive candle holders, decorative bowls and trays, or even miniature Christmas villages to craft a stunning holiday tableau.


Christmas Trees: Every Home's Festive Centerpiece


The Christmas tree is the heart of your holiday decor. It's where family traditions are born and cherished memories are made. Whether you lean toward the timeless allure of a classic green tree or the sleek sophistication of a modern silhouette, Pier 1 has the perfect tree to showcase your festive spirit.


Picture a snowy morning scene, complete with our beautifully flocked tree. It's like bringing the magic of winter indoors. Alternatively, consider a pre-lit artificial tree adorned with pinecones and berries, ready to be dressed with your favorite ornaments.


Ornaments: Dangling Tales of Yuletide Joy

Ornaments are the storytellers of your tree. They capture the essence of your family's unique traditions and style. Mix whimsical characters with classic glass ornaments for a tree that sings with personality.


Additionally, consider themed ornament sets, like a set of woodland creatures or elegant metallics, to create a cohesive and enchanting look.


Wreaths & Garlands: Welcoming the Festive Spirit

A beautifully adorned wreath on your front door extends a warm invitation to all who enter. And garlands, whether draped over a mantel or along a staircase, offer endless opportunities for festive flair.


Imagine the enchantment of our pre-lit wreaths, casting a gentle glow as they welcome guests to your home. You can also explore garlands adorned with faux berries, pinecones, and LED lights to bring a festive touch to your fireplace mantel or staircase banister. Customize your wreaths with ribbon for an added personal touch.


Throw Pillows: Comfort Meets Festive Chic

Cozy up your space with the soft touch of festive throw pillows. These plush companions not only provide comfort on chilly evenings but also add a dash of holiday whimsy to your decor.


Transform your living room with our holiday-themed throw pillows]. They're like little presents for your furniture. Consider options featuring holiday sayings, festive motifs, or even beaded or embroidered pillows to add a unique touch.


Lit Decor: Lighting Up Winter Nights

Lighting sets the mood for your holiday gatherings. From enchanting lit displays adorning windows to luminous reindeer gracing your lawn, the right lighting can turn your home into a wonderland.


Picture the warm, inviting glow of our pre-lit garlands illuminating your staircase, creating a scene straight out of a holiday storybook. In addition, explore LED candles, lanterns, and lit displays to add a cozy ambiance to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Christmas Fragrance: The Scent of Memories 

Our sense of smell is a powerful trigger for memories. Fill your home with the comforting scents of Christmas - spiced cinnamon, fresh pine, or the sweetness of holiday baking. These fragrances transport you to cherished moments of holidays past.

Experience the magic of our holiday scented candles, like a warm hug for your senses. Consider adding fragrance diffusers, candles or room sprays in holiday scents to various rooms for a consistent and inviting aroma throughout your home.


Christmas Classics: Timeless Elegance Redefined

For those who embrace the beauty of tradition, our classic Christmas decor offers a rich palette of reds, greens, and golds. These timeless elements blend seamlessly with vintage-inspired designs, evoking memories of Christmases gone by.

Create a heartwarming tableau with our classic decor, blending traditional colors and designs that stand the test of time. Incorporate classic items like nutcrackers and heirloom-quality ornaments for a truly nostalgic feel.


Luxe Tidings: A Celebration of Opulence


Elevate your holiday scene with opulent elements like rich velvets, sparkling crystals, silver and gold and all that glitters. Luxe Tidings is all about creating a Christmas that drips with elegance and style.


Add a touch of glam to your space with our Luxe Tidings collection , where every detail exudes luxury. Consider velvet trees, crystal-adorned tree toppers, and elegant glass ornaments for a lavish holiday setting.


Oh What Fun: Embracing the Playful Spirit

The holiday season isn't just about traditions; it's about the joy of playful frolics. Infuse your decor with elements of fun, laughter, and gumdrop rainbow inspiration.


Our Oh What Fun collection brings whimsy to your holiday decorating, turning your home into a joyful playground. Think playful figurines, quirky holiday pillows, and even a touch of whimsical elf decor to add humor and delight.

Winter Woodlands: Nature's Festive Whisper

Find inspiration in the untouched beauty of winter landscapes. The Winter Woodlands collection combines rustic charm and elegance, allowing your decor to whisper rather than shout.


Capture the serene beauty of the Winter Woodlands in your home, where nature's elegance meets festive decor. Incorporate items like lanterns, wooden ornaments, and woodland creature figurines to create a cozy and enchanting atmosphere.


The Christmas Lookbook: Styling Your Festive Tale


Finally, let our Christmas Lookbook be your guide to crafting a holiday story that's uniquely yours. Explore a curated collection of inspirations, tips, and decor ideas to create a Christmas wonderland that reflects your personal style and family traditions.


Dive into our Christmas Lookbook and embark on a journey of creativity, where each page tells a tale of festive enchantment. Discover styling tips for creating a rustic  Christmas, a winter wonderland, or even a rainbow candy coated holiday retreat.


In the heart of winter, as snowflakes dance and festive bells chime, let Pier 1's Christmas Shop be your inspiration. It's not just about buying; it's about experiencing the wonder, the magic, the very essence of Christmas.


Visit Pier 1's Christmas Shop and make this holiday season truly magical.