We've partnered with Bustle to create a one-of-a-kind Holiday Decor 101 Quiz to help you find out where to start decorating this season. Whether it's updating the classics or diving into some DIY projects, we’ve got you covered. Head over to Bustle to take the quiz yourself.

Fake the Great Outdoors

If you love the idea of having a real tree but could do without the sticky-sap hands and perpetual needle cleanup, consider this creative spin on faking it. Use tree lights and jingle bell strings to outline your favorite conifer on a bare wall. Place pine-scented candles on nearby surfaces to get all the cozy wonder of a winter forest right in your family room—zero upkeep required!

No Fireplace, No Problem

If hearths are in short supply in your home (apartment life, am I right?), find a clever solution to hanging stockings. Store your hats and scarves in the closet this season because your go-to wall hooks have just been upgraded to mantel status. For gold star DIYers, you can also hang a floating shelf on the wall as your faux mantel—and don't be shy with the garland!

One Word: Tablescape

If you live for hosting friends and family and serving them homemade peppermint bark, then focus on the most important spot of the house: Your dining table. Ditch expected decor and opt for something as unique as your gingerbread house. Arrange colorful jingle bells in clear glass jars for a whimsical take on a festive tabletop, and hang a few more on chairs for a nice musical touch.

Update the Classics

You always feature classic holiday decor, but why not shake things up a little this year? That cactus collection—turn it into a winter wonderland by covering with tinsel or Glimmer Strings(R). While you're at it, arrange decorative spheres—red and gold mercury glass—in bowls and baskets. If you usually reach for nature-themed decor as well, consider placing some glittery pinecones and acorns strategically throughout your home.