I’m a Store Manager with Pier 1, as well as a wife and mother.

I appreciate that work-life balance is important to the organization to ensure that we are fulfilled both personally and professionally.

- Ka V.


Store Associate Ka V.

I have truly been a lifetime customer of Pier 1.

I walked into my local Pier 1 when I was 20 years old to buy a gift, and asked for an application on a whim. I joined the team as a temporary holiday associate, and never left.

Almost 16 years later, Pier 1 is like home to me and has taken me on a journey I never could have imagined.

- Liz H.


Store Associate Liz H.

This job is very hands on.

You have to want to put in the work to get great results.

It is a lot of work, but when customers say how beautiful the store looks, it’s worth it.

When sales are great because of your hard work and dedication, it’s worth it.

- Kerry M.


Store Associate Kerry M.

In my store, I know most of the customer’s names. I have a relationship with them. Customers come in to see me specifically. It’s a great feeling when you’ve worked with someone for years and you know their style.

I believe people appreciate kindness, work ethic, and honesty. I don’t need to talk someone into purchasing something that I do not think will work in their home. I want to find them the perfect item.

- Rachel S.


Store Associate Rachel S.

Store Careers

Our store associates bring our brand to life with their talent, dedication, resourcefulness and creativity.

Wherever and however our customers shop, our passionate and knowledgeable associates seek to inspire them with our unique merchandise. We want to help our customers make their house a home. We strive to exceed their expectations by surprising and delighting them at every touchpoint. We want their experience with our brand to be extraordinary.

We offer flexible work schedules, competitive pay and benefits, and a 25% associate discount that starts immediately upon hire. We provide opportunities for the growth and development of our valued associates.

The first step in our application process is to complete an online employment application and a short pre-employment assessment.

General Assessment Tips:

  • Schedule and plan for adequate time (approximately 45 minutes) to complete the employment application and to take the assessment.
  • Ensure your environment allows you to concentrate.
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