Solid Wood Nightstand with Pewter Bar Pulls


Perfect for anchoring your master suite, our nightstand commands attention with its bold details and intricate crown molding. Crafted in a contemporary style, it features solid wood and other durable materials for a perfect blend of style and longevity. The rustic-inspired pewter bar pulls add a touch of sophistication, creating a majestic traditional look seamlessly merged with rustic-inspired elements. This nightstand stands as a statement piece, perfectly marrying contemporary elegance with rustic charm for a timeless and stylish addition to your bedroom.

*Nightstand Only

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25.7"(L) 15.6"(W) 25.5"(H)


Elegant Hardware: Pewter bar pulls add a touch of sophistication, providing both functionality and style to the nightstand.

Regal Design: Crown molding details contribute to the majestic traditional aesthetic, elevating the overall appearance of the nightstand.

Sturdy Support: Block legs ensure stability, enhancing the durability of the nightstand while complementing its classic design.

Timeless Appeal: With a combination of refined hardware and traditional elements, this nightstand brings a timeless and regal quality to your bedroom decor.


Care Instructions

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