Garden Stools

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About Garden Stools 

Creating your perfect garden space is an exciting journey of finding just the right pieces. From patio sectionals to pots and planters, putting together the right furniture is how you can bring your desired design and space to life.

Garden stools are the perfect "form and function" furniture to add to your outdoor setup. They can add a touch of color and design to your space while also providing functionality. You can use stools as seats or small side tables for your drinks, food, or even pots and plants.

The possibilities are endless. You can place garden stools in several locations on your patio to serve different purposes. You can choose just one stool or a set of stools at various heights to add more depth and texture.

At, we have a wide array of functional and beautiful garden stools that can serve as an excellent accent to your patio setup. Whether your home has a relaxed beach feel or an enchanted garden look, we have stools in various designs to suit your tastes.

Here are some tips on selecting the best Pier 1 garden stools for your patio:

Elegant Garden Stools: Pier 1 has a variety of latticed metal garden stools that are pretty and a perfect match for an English garden landscape or a backyard with beautiful blooms and elegant outdoor furniture. You can try this branch and lattice stool as a side table to add some sleek style to your outdoor setup.

Industrial: We also have several minimal industrial garden stools for backyards that are more chic and sophisticated. If you want understated functional stools, you can try this fiber clay outdoor stool and add a plant on top for a vibrant pop of color.

Wood: Wood is always a classic choice for an outdoor patio setup. Pier 1 wooden folding stools are a great bet if your garden aesthetic is fresh and natural. These stools come in a variety of hammock-style tops. Some are perfect for beach-inspired homes, while others like this Monstera folding stool are great for homeowners who love stunning plants.