Pier 1 Aromatherapy Set of 6 Essential Oils

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Pier 1 Imports - Aromatherapy Home Collection - Set of 6 Essential Oils

Ideal for all your rooms and spaces; living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, spas,offices and more.

.34 oz each glass bottles

Set Includes: 

Energize - Peppermint

Invigorating and refreshing, peppermint scent boosts the mind and senses with positivity while inspiring a sense of peace.

Tranquility - Lavender

Calming and relaxing, lavender is a wonderful blend of fresh, floral and clean. If you are new to essential oil, this is a great beginner's oil.

Uplift - Patchouli

Balancing and Relaxing, patchouli is a powerful and complex scent that helps rela and calm your mind during meditation.

Serenity - Eucalyptus

Stimulating and revitalizing, eucalyptus creates a mini spa atmosphere in any room.

Refresh - Lemon

Refreshing and invigorating, lemon creates an inviting atmosphere encouraging positivity.

Relax - Cedarwood

Uplifting and relaxing, cedarwood has a warm and woodsy aroma for a mini spa at home, yoga and meditation.

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