We developed the perfect guide with PopSugar on how to create a cozy cold-weather retreat. To see even more helpful tips, head over to PopSugar.

Beautify Your Bed

Relaxation begins with a plush and pillow-heavy bed that invites you to flop the second you walk in the door. Select linens in soothing shades of cream and white to create a calming atmosphere. Then add several throws of different textures to tuck into on chilly winter evenings.

Create a Cozy Corner

Nothing is more comforting on a stormy evening than curling up in a cozy corner with a favorite book. Create a cushy space with elements that have soft textures and feature relaxing, muted hues. Add a shearling rug for ambience and warmth—placing a buffer between your toes and floorboards will help keep your tootsies toasty.

Give Them Extra Warmth

There’s no such thing as too many blankets or pillows, especially on bone-chilling winter evenings when layers don't quite cut it. Keep a handy stash of throw pillows and blankets on hand with a mixture of textures and fabrics that complement each.

Create an Illusion of Space

When winterizing your humble abode, beat the blues with elements that amplify natural light and create the illusion of space. Place mirrors in strategic locations to reflect the light that filters in through windows. Warm doesn’t have to mean heavy or dark. Soft white or beige curtains maintain an airy vibe while blocking cold drafts.

Go for the Glow

Twinkling holiday lights aren't just for the holiday season. Bring a little magic into your space by mounting twinkle lights on a blank wall. Also, add a small collection of illuminated pyramids or LED candles to create a dynamic visual effect.

Revel in Rustic Flourishes

Bring the outdoors in with a tree-bark vase and softly lit lanterns on your mantel. You can also add in faux pine accents or other greenery to make your cozy command center a little more rustic.

Light It Up

Glaring fluorescent lights are the enemy of a Zen space. Instead, create illumination with a collection of flickering candles. Invest in flameless LEDs that can be left flickering overnight as you drift off to sleep. To create a dynamic display, select candles of varying heights and colors. Don't be afraid to mix in metallic for a more luxurious look.