Bright Ideas for Fall. Let your creativity shine with Pier 1 Glimmer Strings Mantlepiece glimmer strings

Let’s say you’ve just created a stunning mantel display. As you stand back to admire your hard work, you wonder if you could add something to make it really pop. That’s where Pier 1 Glimmer Strings® come in. We’ve collected these bright, new ideas to help you to take your fall decor from beautiful to dazzling at the touch of a button. Feel free to borrow these tips to create something totally you. It’s your time to shine!

Make Every Day Brighter

What’s the special occasion? It’s another day that the world gets to enjoy the wonder of you and your wonderful creativity! A strand of Pier 1 Silver Sphere Glimmer Strings® adds a glamorous glow to your everyday decor. The flexible wire allows you to weave and shape them around any existing display.

Some of our unique finds are naturals for pairing with a strand of Glimmer Strings®, like our Ivory Mother-of-Pearl Mirror, inlaid with iridescent tiles. Golden frames, lanterns and accents bask in the glow, and our Deco Wick™ Golden Distressed LED Candle works with the available remote, too.

Mirror glimmer strings battery pack

Where’s the
battery pack?

It’s hanging just behind the mirror. Make sure you place it where the remote can reach.

Have you always wanted a fireplace that lights at the touch of a button? Here’s our easy version! Landen Metal Lanterns filled with Pure White Glimmer Strings® are ready to provide a romantic glow at a moment’s notice, especially if you add our optional LED Remote Control. Just test the placement of your battery pack so you can control it from the sofa.

Metal lanterns battery pack

Where’s the
battery pack?

It’s tucked away behind a birch log and peeking out just enough for the remote to reach it.

Our Punched Metal Vase seems to be overflowing with a sparkling cascade of water, thanks to some special effects, courtesy of our Silver Sphere Glimmer Strings.® This virtual fountain can also serve as a nightlight for your bedroom.

Punched metal vase battery pack location

Where’s the battery pack?
The open spaces on our Punched Metal Vase allow you to place the pack at the bottom of the vase and still reach it with our LED Remote Control

Party Time With a Twist

When someone at your next gathering asks where the drinks are, you can point them toward the inviting glow of your beverage station, wrapped in our shapeable, twistable Glimmer Strings®, transforming it into a beacon of hope for thirsty party guests.

Party time sideboard battery pack location

Where’s the battery pack?
It’s just behind the TV stand. Remember to hide it in a remote-accessible spot.

They’ve been rehearsing all week to help with your party.

Our Forest Friends are ready to entertain your party guests with a country jamboree! Pier 1 Glimmer Strings® provide the perfect amount of stage lighting for their big show.

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Bright Fall Festival

Like the first rays of sun on a cool, crisp morning, our Pier 1 Glimmer Strings® offer a warm, subtle glow that puts you in the mood for fall activities, like hayrides, corn mazes, Pumpkin Spice everything or just gathering with friends. And this fall, we’ve gathered more new lighting options than ever.

There’s no need to wait for the leaves to turn. Our new Faux Large Leaf Glimmer Strings® are always ready to adorn your mantel with fall color.

Where’s the battery pack?
Our ceramic squirrel friend is happy to conceal it just enough to allow the remote to still reach it.

Fall festival mantle battery pack location

Hang a festive fall wreath with our Chandelier Wreath Hanger, and wrap it all in our new Harvest Berry Glimmer Strings® for an interesting new look.

Where’s the battery pack?
The faux leaves make an excellent camouflage to conceal it, leaving just enough space for remote use.

Fall festival battery pack location

We love the traditional decor of fall, but we also think it’s OK to mix things up with a fresh, new look. This one relies on our Rustic Rose Hurricanes, modern lanterns with eye-catching angles, faux succulents and our Jeweled branch Glimmer Strings®. And the owls? We can still be a little traditional, right?

Create This Look

Create fall glimmer strings look. First step.

First - Get your materials together and choose a lantern that fits your style. We went with our Gold Modern Lantern for its color and interesting geometric angles.

Create fall glimmer strings look. Second step.

Next - Experiment with filling the edges of the lantern with your Glimmer Strings®. They’ll stay where you place them. This one required a 10-foot strand.

Create fall glimmer strings look. Third step.

Then - Place one of our flameless Deco Wick™ Pillars in the middle of the lantern and start arranging faux moss around the base and around your Glimmer Strings®.

Create fall glimmer strings look. Last step.

Finally - Layer in your faux succulents and rearrange the Glimmer Strings®, if necessary. If you’re using the optional remote, this is a good time to test it out.

Here’s our favorite new way to create an unforgettable fall display. We wove together a wreath using our Faux Hydrangea Stems and Faux Acorn Branches, and wrapped it in 20 feet of our Pure White Glimmer Strings®. Then we placed it in our Live Edge Dakota Wooden Serving Bowl and topped it off with a hand- painted pumpkin. We think the result is absolutely stunning!

Battery pack location

Where’s the
battery pack?

It’s tucked under the pumpkin, but if you’re using the optional remote, you may need to move it around to find the best spot.

Maybe things that go bump in the night wouldn’t bump around quite so much if they had some playful Halloween lighting. All of the houses in our Halloween village are pre-lit, but we added an extra eerie glow with our Purple Bat Glimmer Strings®.

Spooky Sparkles battery pack

Where’s the
battery pack?

We’ll never tell. Think of it as our Halloween prank!

Le Cirque Enchante

Legend has it that our Le Cirque enchante creatures come to life on Halloween night. You’ll want to keep them in a well-lit area so you can catch them in the act!

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