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How to Decorate Your Bookshelves

Who said shelves are just for books? We think it’s the ideal space to explore your creativity. Go ahead, mix conversation pieces, one-of-a-kind finds and more alongside your favorite reads. Scroll down to see four great looks and all our cool shelf styling tips.

The Traveler

Time to put your bookshelves on the map. Whether you’ve journeyed near or far, show off the special treasures you’ve collected in eye-catching ways. No passport required.

Traveler Bookshelf

Create the Look

1Fill clear canisters, like our Isla, with travel postcards, train tickets, boarding passes or foreign money. A great way to store and showcase!

Isla canister
Traveler tray

2Trays make the perfect holding place for corks from your favorite wines. Mix in mementos from museums or fun discoveries you uncovered during your adventures.

3Try grouping items in a triangular shape for balance. For instance, our taller, hand-painted jar works well in between an elegant photo frame and stoneware horse.

Traveler jar
Traveler collection on a bookshelf

4Stagger books in vertical and horizontal configurations for a lighter, more appealing look. Then simply add in a some of your most cherished finds!

Family Style

Your family is a huge part of who you are—embrace it by making them a part of your unique bookshelf decor. Combine meaningful treasures with classic pictures and kid-friendly ideas. When’s the next reunion?

Family style bookshelf

Create the Look

1 Exhibit heirlooms, family photos and prized pieces that capture your personal style near the top—out of reach of the little ones.

Family photo frames
Family wood blocks

2 A sweet word or sentiment can make a big statement, giving any section a distinct look. Sprinkle in smaller accents for a cute touch.

3 Keep children’s books and toys organized in a versatile, attractive basket on the bottom shelf for easy access.

Basket with toys

Blue & Glam

Sometimes the right combination has a stunning effect. That’s why we’re blending shimmery metallics and mirrored surfaces with touches of deep blue. See what we mean? Stunning.

Blue and glam bookshelf

Create the Look

1 Group books by color or wrap fine art paper around the covers for a captivating look.

Books in fine art paper covers
Blue and glam keepsakes

2 Layer in personal keepsakes such as photos, letters and collectibles.

3 Use different textures to add depth. Leave negative space to let some objects stand out and to reduce clutter.

Textured blue and glam bowl
Blue and glame photo frame

4 Create sets of alternating heights for balance. Odd numbers work best.

Fall Into Place

Why not take inspiration from the season when decorating bookshelves? Warm colors. Nature- inspired pieces. Rich textures. We’re capturing fall and making it a part of your space. Don’t you just want to grab a book and curl up?

Fall into place bookshelf

1 Bring in texture and woodland-inspired wonder with a velvety deer. Don’t worry, he won’t leave hoof prints.

Velvet deer on bookshelf
Glass owl vase

2 The ombre shades of this handblown glass owl vase provide a pop of color, tying all your fall tones together. Fill with faux florals or let it roost alone.

3 Change out flowers from season to season for a fresh look. Our handcrafted arrangement makes it easy with lush faux blooms in a golden vase featuring sparkling LEDs.

Lush faux-flower blooms
Fall spheres

4 Mix and match a few captivating spheres for an easy, personalized accent. Simply swap out each season.