Trimming Your Tree Like The Pros

Let’s make decorating your tree more fun and foolproof than ever, with lots of tips and inspiration to keep your holiday spirit in maximum merry mode. Put on some Christmas music and you’re good to go.

Step 1

Pick and Prep Your Tree

Determine the best pre-lit shape for your space. Opt for lights that connect automatically as each section fits into the pole. Tip: Our memory trees have self-shaping branches that are ready right out of the box. Genius!

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Step 2

Add the skirt next

Why now? No one likes wriggling under those low-hanging branches, dodging ornaments while arranging the skirt just so.

Keep your
camera close

Yes, kiddos are still fascinated by tree skirts. Watch them turn it into a superhero cape or play matador. Toro, Toro!

Step 3

Gather the Decorations

Divide them into categories: Size, color, theme, etc. Larger elements (including garlands) go first, tucked in among the branches.
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Step 4

Carry on a Tradition

Allow kids to add the first ornament as a special honor to be continued every year. Best if it’s extra-large and not too fragile, with a family significance you can share.
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Time out for a tweak or two

Check out your work in progress for balance and variety to ensure a pleasing design.

Step 5

Accent with Greenery, etc.

Fill in any open spaces with bows, picks, faux florals and smaller decorations. Keep adding until the tree’s branches look full.

Step 6

Make it Special

Reserve some prime spots where you can place favorite ornaments, including those from our Pier 1 exclusive holiday collections.
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Step 7

Go Over The Top

Crown your tree with a decorative topper that fits your theme and draws all eyes up high for a top-to- bottom style statement all your own.
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Step 8

Wrapping the Presents

Be a wrap artist when you use our high-quality paper, gift bags, tags and bows. Enlist a little helper, and make it a special event.
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Sit back and admire your theme tree. It’s everything you envisioned and more, so savor this merry-and-bright moment. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, isn’t it?

Craft Project | Easy how-to for their very own tree

Let your little artist’s imagination and enthusiasm run free. To start: Gather paper, markers, ribbon, pompoms, wiggle eyes, glue sticks, a stapler and scissors.
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