white ceramic 3-tier dessert stand

Holiday Buffet

Treat your guests to a beautiful buffet in full bloom, filled with whimsical, colorful and edible signs of the season.

six person dinnerware set fully decorated

Set the Table

Pick your colors, use your imagination, think layers, add special touches and voila!—it all comes together.

bread with parsley and soup

Savory Seafood Cheesecake

Flip the script from sweet to savory with yet another reason to crave cheesecake.

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brown wooden bowl of vegetables

Garden-to-Table Salad

Toss some fresh seasonal color and variety into your buffet menu with a festive garden mix salad so full of flavor your tastebuds will never be the same.

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hard boil eggs with vegetable toppings

Fancy Deviled Eggs

The term “decorating Easter eggs” takes on new meaning with colorful beet chip and parsley garnishes on these Southern-style favorites. Get cracking and make plenty—they always go fast.

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multicolored flower scented stone decor

Ultimate Lemon Bundt Cake

Use our recipe as a tasty base, then let your mad frosting skills take the cake to the next level of deliciousness.

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Care for a Cocktail?

Start your celebration with signature drinks that taste as delicious as they look.

slices of green and yellow lemon fruit inside a glass filled with liquid

Grab a tart Grapefruit Cucumber Gin Fizz.

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clear drinking glass with rose colored liquid

Pretty and potent Rose Vodka Lemonade.

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Stack up your Centerpiece

Create levels to decorate using three different cake stands, and add flowers, Easter eggs, mugs, bunnies and more to coordinate with your holiday decor.

white ceramic 3-tier cupcake rack

Add a Beautiful Napkin Fold

Stop and roll the roses. It's easy, beautiful and only takes a minute.

three white ceramic mugs with white ceramic saucers
napkin folded into a triangle next to a blue mat with a tea cup and plate

Lay a square napkin wrong side up, and fold into a triangle by taking one corner and bringing it to the opposite corner. Place the long folded edge closest to you and, beginning at the fold, roll the napkin away from you.

napkin folded and curled into a spiral shape

Once you have the long napkin rope, roll it around itself and tuck the end underneath or let it serve as the “leaf” when the napkin’s placed in a cup or mug. Tip 1: Use an unironed napkin. The creases help form petals. Tip 2: Also works with real or artificial green leaves as accents.

clear champagne glasses with a bottle of champagne inside a basket with a green ribbon on the handle

Thank your Hostess

Earn your place on the best guest list by surprising her with an adult Easter basket gift bearing Champagne and flutes.