No green thumb? No problem. Cultivate a unique, seasonal faux floral arrangement with our exclusive collection of faux fall flowers, vases and bowl fillers. To spark your imagination, we’ve created six one-of-a-kind looks. Which one fits your style?

The Optimist

Style: Vibrant oranges and yellows combine with asymmetrical shapes for farmhouse appeal.
Use: The perfect focal point for autumn entertaining, it makes a great centerpiece for consoles and buffets—anywhere that could use a warm fall welcome.

Create the Look

The Optimist step one

First: Trim or fold the red dahlia stem to fit your farmhouse pitcher.

The Optimist step two

Then: Add in the maple berry bundle to create volume, allowing the branches to fall to the sides.

The Optimist step three

Next: Add your sunflower stem, maximizing space with high and wide branches.

The Optimist step four

Now: Fluff, bend and twist the leaves and petals to create your desired shape.

The Trendsetter

Style: Whimsical, contemporary and seasonless, swapping a traditional vase for a cocktail mug.
Use: Thanks to its small size and year-round appeal, it brings charm to table settings, countertops, bistro and breakfast tables, desks, bar carts and more.

Create the Look

The Trendsetter step one

First: Place a paper towel, gems or river rocks in the mug for stability. Add a peony trimmed to 4-6 inches with the leaves removed.

The Trendsetter step two

Then: Pick your three favorite blooms from the mini bundle, trim them to about 4 inches and place opposite the peony.

The Trendsetter step three

Next: Remove 2-3 pieces from the climbing rose branch, trim them to 4-6 inches and tuck within the arrangement to add a bold contrast.

The Trendsetter step four

Now: Fluff, bend and twist the leaves and petals to create your desired shape.

The Entertainer

Style: An oversized farmhouse style that celebrates autumn with pops of red, orange and yellow.
Use: Welcome the season by placing these scene-stealing artificial flowers in a vase on an entryway table, or place them on a large console table to frame artwork.

Create the Look

The Entertainer step one

First: Fill the bottom third of the vase with paper towels, bubble wrap or foam. Create a base of rich reds by adding the dahlia, mum and orange hydrangea (trimmed to 14-18 inches).

The Entertainer step two

Then: Create contrast by adding trimmed yellow hydrangeas and aspen bundle (if desired, substitute yellow oak leaf stem–in-store only) to the outer edges and in the middle of the red flowers.

The Entertainer step three

Next: Add maple and berry bundle to the left and right (if desired, substitute red and watercolor oak stems–in-store only). Create height and textural interest by placing the acorn and moss branches in the back.

The Entertainer step four

Now: Fluff, bend and twist the leaves, petals and branches to create your desired shape.

The Naturalist

Style: An eye-catching seasonal display of maple, berry and pumpkin that’s simple to create.
Use: It’s perfect for entryways, buffets, countertops, large mantels or consoles to frame artwork—anywhere you can imagine, actually.

Create the Look

The Naturalist step one

First: Fill your hurricane halfway with the preserved pumpino.

The Naturalist step two

Then: Add one maple and berry bundle just slightly off center.

The Naturalist step three

Next: Add a second bundle for balance, letting both fall loosely over the sides.

The Naturalist step four

Now: Fluff, bend and twist the leaves and berries to create your desired shape.

The Traditionalist

Style: Petite, simple and seasonal—a contemporary look that repurposes drinkware you already have.
Use: Place one as a festive accent on small spaces like desks and accent tables, or arrange multiples as a centerpiece for even greater impact.

Create the Look

The Traditionalist step one

First: Clean your glass very well inside and out.

The Traditionalist step two

Then: Fill the glass with preserved pumpino, leaving a half inch or so at the top.

The Traditionalist step three

Next: Add your mum stem, trimmed to about 4 inches in height.

The Traditionalist step four

Now: Sit back, relax and marvel at the simplicity of creating a beautiful arrangement of faux fall flowers!

The Romantic

Style: A cottage-style arrangement anchored by pumpkins, pinecones and acorns with pops of gold and copper.
Use: These artificial flowers in a vase work great as a small, seasonal centerpiece for mantels, desks and consoles.

Create the Look

The Romantic step one

First: Tie the raffia strand from the filler box around the hurricane. Fill the jar with table scatter and insert one ivory hydrangea (trimmed to 12-14 inches) so it bends over the lip.

The Romantic step two

Then: Add the second ivory hydrangea at an angle and let it stand taller than the first, using its leaves to cover the stem.

The Romantic step three

Next: Add the orange hydrangea toward the back at a medium height for contrast and dimension.

The Romantic step four

Now: Fluff, bend and twist the petals to create your desired shape.