Halloween Headquarters 2017

Create your very own haunted house inside and out with our four fun Halloween collections.

Le Cirque Enchanté

Step right up to see a fun, new way to capture the magic of Halloween!

Cirque de Mystique

Legend has it that a benevolent enchantress named Madame Collette cast a spell on these creatures, allowing them to spring to life one night a year to thrill and delight everyone with their spectacular performances.

We’re not saying you should stay up all night on Halloween to catch them in the act, but if you happen to be up, maybe you’ll get lucky!

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Le Cirque Enchanté wreath
When Le Cirque Enchanté is in town, what better way to say welcome than with our over-the-big-top wreath.
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Trick or treat popcorn
Trick or treat

What’s a circus without colorful banners, bright lights and plenty of popcorn? And what fun is Halloween without a few tricks and lots of tasty treats? We found a popcorn recipe that will take you back to those childhood days when everything was magical.

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Meet our star figurines and collect them all!

Maestro Maurice card

The Fearless Leader

If you’re like Maestro Maurice, you can take control to make sure every party guest has a good time.

Madame Collette card

The Magic Maker

Perhaps you’re more like Madame Collette. Your natural charm puts everyone under your spell!

Giselle Card

Strength and Grace

Even the rowdiest Halloween revelers appreciate Giselle ‘Opotamus, who carries herself with dignity.

Enchanté monkeys playing

A Little Monkey Business

No Halloween party is complete without a little bit of mischief, and you’re just the one to provide it.

Marquis de Chevron card

The Entertainer

Did someone say karaoke? Marquis de Chevron types volunteer to go first, just to get things rolling.

Acro-Alistair card

The Life of the Party

You’re not happy unless everyone is happy, just like our agile entertainer, Acro-Alistair the monkey!

Trick or Treat Traditions

Let’s conjure up some Halloween fun with just the right balance of spookiness and charm. Classic orange and black set the mood, but feel free to mix in some silver and gold as an unexpected treat. And it’s OK to invite some cuddly spiders and a couple of friendly bats, as long as they all promise not to bite.

Halloween candleabra
Halloween pilllows
Light up halloween house

This overflowing fireplace is actually easier to pull off than you might think. Just start with some cardboard boxes draped in a black cloth in the back, then stack up a small assortment of decorative pumpkins with a leafy garland. Finish with the eerie glow of our Black LED Candle Cluster.

We think the result looks like a fairy godmother’s spell that was perhaps a little too successful!

Halloween fireplace
Noella Nightshade figurine
“Welcome to the party! Won’t you sit down and join me for a spell?” —Noella Nightshade

No Halloween party is complete without plenty of treats and a delightfully spooky spot to serve them. Plus, if your guests happen to be afraid of spiders, that just means more cookies for you!

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Dia De Los Muertos

Although the name may sound a little scary, Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is actually a celebration of life and a time to honor and remember those who have passed on to the next plane. It’s also a chance to try to entice them to stop by for a quick visit.

Dia de los Muertos nook
Dancing skeletons

We love this tradition so much that we add to our collection every year so you can, too. Or if you’re new to this, just dive in and join the party!

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Dia de los Muertos cookies

We think the best way to attract party guests is to lay out a colorful, inviting spread of delicious snacks that will stick to their ribs. A beaded table runner adorned with bright flowers and festive drinkware reminds everyone that this world has its pleasures, too.

Ever wonder what the inside of a gingerbread man looks like? Here’s a version that brings new meaning to the term “death by chocolate.”

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Gingerbread cookies
Dia de los muertos skeleton paintings
“Do you think this hat is too much?”

“I think we’ll fit right in.”
Dia de los muertos skeleton beads

Because we’re not sure if they have map apps in the afterlife, you can guide any wandering souls to your door with an inviting front porch that says, “Welcome to the party!”

And speaking of parties, we hope our nod to this time-honored tradition has inspired you to throw your best party—in this life or the next. Adios, amigos!

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Dia de los muertos styled front door

Haunted Elegance

Think of the one party of the year that all of the most refined vampires want to be caught undead at, and you have our Haunted Elegance theme.

Haunted Elegance table
Haunted elegance snowglobe

Halloween may be for the kids, but grown-ups deserve to have a little fun, too. It’s the same idea, but our treats have just become a little more sophisticated.

Deep blacks, glistening golds and sparkling accents set the mildly macabre tone for those who take their Allhallows Eve fun seriously.

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Cat and masks on couch

Hand-painted Italian masks add an air of mystery to your gathering. You’re sure all of your friends are here, but that one guest you didn’t recognize has suddenly disappeared! And where did that strange cat come from? Could it be that a shape-shifting familiar has crashed your Halloween party?

Sugared Champagne in flutes

Into the Light

Sugared Champagne with blackberries and just a touch of dry ice for presentation makes a tempting treat, especially for those who still have taste buds.

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Dark side drink in glass

The Dark Side

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, so let’s raise a glass and toast today with an Italian Bramble, a sweetly sour mix of blackberries and juniper berries.

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Wall mounted halloween decorative plates

It’s attention to detail that adds just the right amount of eerie elegance to your party. Are those pictures of some of your ancestors in the corner? Oh dear, it appears they had to pose for a long time!

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