While our mosaic tables don’t date back to the third millenium B.C. like those found in Mesopotamia, they do have a proud history at Pier 1. Because we’ve been selling mosaic tables for a long time, we’ve become experts at recognizing beauty and quality, so we can offer the best of both to you. Our table tops are handcrafted of ceramic, stone, glass, marble and concrete and sit on durable, metal frames that have been powder-coated for rust-resistance.


Our hand-painted ceramic tables are crafted of dozens of tiles that are cut, painted and set by hand.

Five styles to choose from:

We have over 40 different mosaic tables that are designed to up your outdoor entertainment savvy. Find the table that’s the right color, the best shape and the perfect style for your patio.


Hand-Painted Ceramics

Intricately designed by artisans, our ceramic table tops are crafted of glazed, hand-painted tiles that have been cut into shapes, then hand-laid in geometric patterns. Symmetrical and colorful, these designs feature scrolling, as well as medallion and floral motifs. Go ahead. Raise a glass to your new patio find. Cheers!


Natural Stone

Since they’re left the color that nature made them, our natural stone mosaic table tops have a more rustic look. Slate, marble and other stones are hand-cut into specific shapes, then hand-laid into stunning geometric patterns. Enjoyable anytime but especially with your favorite aperitif.



It’s easy to understand why glass mosaics are so popular: Their intricacy adds to their dazzling appeal. Hundreds— maybe thousands—of glass pieces (tesserae) are hand-cut, then meticulously hand-laid to create tables that will delight your guests almost as much as your tasty hors d’oeuvres do.


Marble Inlay

Unlike other mosaic tables, marble tables are inlaid with pieces of glass, capiz shell, mother of pearl or other materials that are hand-cut and hand-laid into patterns that complement the marble for maximum appeal. Add a little sparkle with an umbrella-clad drink.



Hand-cut concrete pieces are placed into a scrolling, floral or geometric pattern. The table top is left unpainted, displaying instead the color created by the rock, gravel and/or sand that was used when the concrete was mixed. Besides our mosaic tables, we offer other outdoor tables with concrete tops. With such sturdy construction, they’ll offer many hours of celebrating—from brunch mimosas to after-dinner brandy.

Figural Shapes

Appealing to your lighter side, some of our tables are shaped to resemble animals or plants. Many are crafted of colored glass, but capiz shell, mother of pearl and marble may also be used. Vibrant and fun, they’re always ready to party.