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Measure the Entire Space

Because the modular pieces of our indoor sectionals are designed to adapt to a variety of layouts, it’s easy to come up with a combination that fits your space. It just takes a little measuring and planning. Start by measuring the length and width of your entire space to get the big picture, and then shop our indoor sectionals to explore your options and to play with a few different styles and configurations.


Tape the Area

This is the fun part, like working a puzzle! Grab some removable painter’s tape and mark the footprint of each piece you’re considering in your room. Or if you’re really crafty, you can make full-size templates from old newspapers. This will help you visualize how you’ll use the space. Remember to leave some room for your coffee table, end tables, rugs or a lazy beagle, as well as some space to navigate around all of that. And it’s a good idea to always double-check those dimensions.

White Fabric Sectional Sofa

Get Ready for Delivery

Here’s an important step that may save you a headache. Make sure your sectional can reach its destination with a minimum of fuss. Take into consideration any narrow hallways or doorways that your new pieces may need to pass through. Finally, move as many obstacles as you can, like a console table, floor lamp or that lazy beagle, and you’re ready!