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Why we love the look and feel of jute


Weave jute into any room

As a natural fiber that can be spun and woven into a variety of textures, jute is one of the most versatile choices for any aspect of home decor. It is durable and strong, yet can be surprisingly soft to the touch (depending on the treatment and tightness of the weave). If you’re looking for a new way to add interest to any room, consider layering in an organic feel with jute.

Home Furnishings

Jute has been a favored material for home decor for centuries, but what makes it feel modern is the range of furnishings that feature it in innovative ways. Look for pieces that incorporate jute in seat cushions, drawer pulls, handles and more. The natural texture of jute is also a creative way to bring a sense of the outdoors inside.

Jute pillows


One of the easiest ways to enhance a pillow collection is to toss in a couple of jute versions. It adds an extra layer of interest thanks to its weave and natural shade, letting you bypass adding another pattern or style. The value of a jute pillow is inherent because the material itself is durable and long-lasting, while surprisingly soft to the touch.

Jute Rugs


Jute is one of the most obvious choices for rugs due to its natural durability and versatility. For those who prefer natural fibers to synthetic ones, jute is a perfect choice because it stands up to traffic from kids, pets and party guests. It can be printed or dyed in eye-catching patterns, and it’s often less expensive than other natural fibers with similar qualities.

Beyond the basic jute rug you’re likely familiar with (which often comes with a colored band around the perimeter), jute can also be used as a smart accent on rugs woven from other fibers. Consider adding a touch of jute as embroidery on an otherwise unremarkable floor covering—an easy way to up the artistry of any space.


Go ahead, touch a panel woven from jute. You will probably be surprised at the softness of the fiber. Often used as a graphic detail to enhance a window covering woven of another material, jute adds just the right touch of organic texture. From full-length drapes to valances, look for this natural enhancement in colors that range from natural to brilliant hues.

Jute curtains


Whether you like a nautical theme or gravitate toward a natural palette, jute accessories are versatile enough to work in both scenarios—and many in between.


Add a touch of character to smooth glass vases and objects with a jute handle or wrap. You’ll also appreciate the protection it can lend otherwise fragile glassware.

Jute Decor


Style ahoy! Nautical-themed accents make an even bigger splash when they come with a jute accent. Texture, durability and versatility make jute 20,000 leagues above other sea-worthy fibers.

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