An image of outdoor party in the evening.

Turning a good party into a great one isn’t hard. It just takes a little creativity. Give yourself the freedom to think not only outside the box, but simply outside. Every outdoor space has the potential to be a shimmering, festive spot to gather with friends. With just a few bright touches like lanterns, string lights and candles, it’s easy to set the perfect tone. Here are a few ideas to inspire you for your next outdoor party. Set the scene and make it your own, then take a deep breath of fresh air and relax. You’ve got this.

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Spark a conversation with outdoor lanterns, which you can find in a wide array of designs. Large, small, simple, mosaic, hanging, tabletop, paper lanterns—there truly is a style that will match your personality exactly. Use one spectacular lantern as a centerpiece on a patio table, or place a grouping of lanterns along the middle of the table. Either way can make a big impact. If you choose a grouping, you don’t need the lanterns to match exactly. Choose several complementary styles in varying sizes. Another way to display lanterns that is both practical and pretty: Place them along the edges of steps to lead guests into the party.


An image of two hanging lanterns. An image of a tree full of lighted hanging lanterns.
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Candles flickering in the twilight create an unmistakably welcoming glow. They can also create a shadow of worry for a host or hostess concerned about a guest accidentally knocking over a lit candle or a curious child getting too close. That’s where LED lighting comes in. These ingenious lights give the effect of true candlelight without the risk. Simply turn on a switch and go back to carefree mingling—they’re conveniently compatible with a remote control (sold separately). You can turn them off when everyone’s gone, or set the timer on select styles so they’ll go off automatically. No hot wax, no burned matches, no mess. Choose from a range of heights to create the look that fits your space perfectly. Brilliant, right?