What is mosaic? Handcrafted of glass or ceramic tiles, known as tesserae, mosaic is an art that takes many forms. From large statement pieces to objets d'art, talented artisans meticulously cut, apply and paint each tile by hand. Piece by piece, elaborate patterns emerge and form intricate designs.

In ancient Greece, they called mosaic mouseios, meaning “belonging to the Muses.” This inspired art dates back millennia, appearing in Mesopotamia in 3,000 BC. Since then, cultures worldwide have created masterful mosaic works. At Pier 1, we carry on the tradition with handcrafted, one-of-a-kind mosaics for your home.

Mosaic is one of the most versatile art forms. Our wall art can create a bold foundation for your home decor, or you can pick from our collection of mosaic vases to add unique, colorful accents. At Pier 1, we offer a kaleidoscope of ornate options.

Our mosaic mirrors are truly worthy of reflection. Artfully arranged, vibrant glimmering glass tiles frame the mirror beautifully. These original creations form myriad iridescent hues and are eye-catching focal points for any room in your home.

Mosaics have a deep history, and the memories captured in your favorite photos are just as rich. Our mosaic photo frames display these memories with the elegance they deserve. And our mosaic filled candles are a brilliant way to illuminate your room with a dazzling candlelit glow.

Visit us in store or explore online to discover the full spectrum of our multicolor mosaics, and see your home decor in a whole new light.