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Li Bien Pier 1

History and Tradition

Not just hand-made 

“In Chinese, the phrase “Li Bien” means ‘inside.’   Li Bien ornaments showcase the age-old skill of inside painting. It has been a Chinese art for over 200 years, with its origins traced back to the Qing Dynasty.  Each ornament is delicately hand-painted through the tiny opening in the mouth-blown glass (using a specialized L-shaped brush).  The scene must be painted in reverse on the inside of the ornament to show properly from the outside of the completed art piece.

Pier 1 has helped bring the beautiful unique Li Bien Art to families all across the US, memories and traditions with a our annual Pier 1 Li Bien ornament collections. "With every new Christmas season, artwork is custom-designed for the unique shapes and dimensions of each bulb. Gorgeous, color-rich stories circle all the way around the ornament in themes that range from whimsical to traditional to religious to modern. The result: A Li Bien by Pier 1 Imports™ collection so fantastic, there's literally a look that fits every style."

Highly Collectible 

Family Tradition