Dining Table with Faux Wood Top and Rubber Wood Legs


Revitalize your dining space with our exquisite Boho-inspired dining table, featuring striking wicker caning doors that exude charm and personality. Crafted from luxurious wood, each table showcases rich golden browns and natural hues, adding an air of exclusivity to your home. Enjoy generous storage space to maintain a tidy dining area while infusing it with a cheerful boho vibe. The versatile wicker caning doors effortlessly complement any interior or outdoor setting, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your dining experience.

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59"(L) 35.5"(W) 29.5"(H)


Dining Table

Unique Wood Construction: Each piece is crafted from stunning wood, showcasing rich golden

Ample Storage Space: Keep your foyer tidy with generous storage capacity, while uplifting your home decor with a cheerful boho vibe

Versatile Wicker Caning Doors: Featuring durable woven finishes, the doors seamlessly blend with any interior or outdoor setting, enhancing your space's aesthetic appeal.


Care Instructions

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