Enchantiva Slat-Top Solid Wood Patio Bench


Adding your outdoor seating area with this Patio Bench, meticulously crafted from durable acacia hardwood. Its natural grain finish beautifully complements your outdoor space, adding an elegant touch to your decor. Designed to withstand outdoor elements, this bench remains resilient against various weather conditions. Maintain its stunning appearance by applying teak oil periodically, ensuring it retains its vibrant color and luster over time.

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53.0"(L) 14.0"(W) 18.0"(H)


Durable Acacia Construction: Our patio bench, meticulously crafted from robust acacia hardwood, guarantees enduring strength, making it an ideal choice for outdoor seating in any environment.

Natural Beauty: With its rustic grain finish, the bench seamlessly integrates into your outdoor space, imparting timeless charm and elegance to your patio, garden, or deck.

Weather-resistant Design: Engineered to withstand moisture and decay, our bench remains steadfast in the face of harsh outdoor conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability for years of comfortable seating.

Effortless Maintenance: Maintain its captivating appearance with the occasional application of teak oil, effortlessly preserving its rich color and structural integrity, making it a hassle-free addition to your outdoor decor.


Care Instructions

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