Height Series 9 Feet Smart Umbrella



Though an essential bit of patio furniture, traditional umbrellas can be bothersome to manage, being susceptible to both dirt and wind and time consuming to set up and close down, especially when used in groups.

The Above Height Series Smart Umbrella introduces automation and advanced tech to make all these common problems a thing of the past. Equipped with advanced technologies, including a built-in battery and high efficiency solar panel, a wind sensor, and an ambient light, the Above SMART Umbrella represents the most cutting-edge development for outdoor patio umbrellas. Our automated smart umbrellas deliver a level of ease and convenience that makes all others feel obsolete. Easy Open, Easy Close - Featuring a motorized mechanism and controlled entirely by remote, Above Smart Umbrellas are quick and effortless to open and shut. Whether you own two smart umbrellas or ten, one remote is all you’ll ever need. Group pair your umbrellas to your remote and you can open, shut, and illuminate the entire assemblage with the push of a button. Umbrellas don’t just provide shade; they can give your outdoor spaces a beautiful ambience too! Above Umbrellas include bright LEDs to light up your patio umbrellas with beautiful ambient lighting.

Above Smart Umbrellas makes preventing wind damage a breeze with advanced sensors that automatically close your canopies upon detecting strong weather. You won’t have to worry about remembering to close your umbrellas every time the wind blows. Despite boasting all these fancy features, the Above Umbrella is entirely self-powered and never needs to be plugged in. Powered by a built-in battery and high efficiency solar panel, the Above Umbrella is great for the environment and your electrical bill too!

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108"(L) 108"(W) 102"(H)


Remote Control - Whether it's one umbrella or ten, you can open or close them all without having to manually crank

Solar Charging And Usb Port - Solar Panel and Usb power ports to keep your control board charged and ready to go.

Led Light - Create an ambience during the night and keep the area under the umbrella lit.

Sunbrella Fabric - Sunbrella fabrics are the complete performance standard, with best-in-class comfort, color retention, cleanability and strength that lasts.


Care Instructions

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