Lopez Modern TV Stand Cabinet for 80" TV


Adds a touch of sophistication to your living room, our TV stand elevates your space with its elegant and modern design. It features a spacious and wear-resistant tabletop that comfortably accommodates your TV and decorative items.

Additionally, this TV stand provides three large drawers for internal storage, seamlessly blending functionality and style while offering extra flexible storage space. Its high-end finish and unique design distinguish it from typical consoles, introducing a dramatic element that complements the contrasting color scheme.

The three drawers offer ample storage for items like remote controls, films, CD players, magazines, and other multimedia accessories, while open storage compartments help you maintain a well-organized collection of personal devices, always within easy reach.

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84.6"(L) 14.2"(W) 19.7"(H)


The stark contrast between design and color with a high-end finish adds a sense of drama and sophistication that regular consoles lack.

Three drawers provide adequate storage for remote controls, films, Cd players, magazines and other multimedia items.

Open storage compartments help manage to organize personal devices.

It is suitable for living room or video room to match your other interior schemes. The design also adheres to the conference and briefing room standards.


Care Instructions

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