Sade 57.1 Upholstered Sofa Couch with Bolster Pillows


This loveseat is delivered in a single package, so you can receive it and begin using it more quickly. The velvet fabric and foam cushion enhance the softness, smoothness, and environmental friendliness of this loveseat. The two-seater loveseat is ideal for relaxing after a hard day at work, enjoying a good time with friends, or having a conversation with family members. A wooden frame supports the sofa, which is sturdy and durable. It is very easy to assemble. Keeping it clean is as easy as wiping it with a dry cloth.

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571.00"(L) 31.10"(W) 37.00"(H)


This low-profile sofa will fit any room with the versatility you need.

Microfiber cloths and non-abrasive cleaning solutions are recommended for cleaning the velvet. If you touch the sofa from different directions, the color of the object can be changed.

This velvet cloth is feather-like soft and has a distinctive sheen. A velvet with outstanding durability and wrinkle resistance is the best option among velvets hands down.

There are two bolster pillows and dense foam padding to enhance the comfort of the seats. In addition, it has a smooth and flawless texture, which adds to the relaxation level.


Care Instructions

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