Rug Rules & When to Break Them

What’s the secret to choosing the right rug for any room? How to pick the right size, color or pattern? You’re just a few quick tips away from knowing all that and more. First, get out your trusty tape measure and find out the sizes of all your major pieces of furniture, as well as the room itself. 

All Feet on the Rug

Notice how the rug and sectional teamed above create a “room within a room”? Just two simple ideas make it work. All of the sectional’s feet are on the rug. And the colors and patterns are repeated in the rug, sectional and throw pillows.

9x12 or larger

allows you to place all legs of the sectional shown above on the rug.

6x9 or larger

allows you to place the front legs of the sectional on the rug.

Spread out and Live a Little

Let’s go ahead and break that first rule. Turns out seating can be half on and half off the rug to make addtional space for living, but side tables and ottomans should be all the way on or off, to stay level. As for color, try a darker rug with light furniture, and vice versa.

8x10 or larger

allows you to place all furniture entirely on the rug.

6x9 or smaller

allows you to place the front legs of seating on the rug.


fits nicely in the center of your conversation area.

Dine in the Round

Repeating the circle shape from your rug to the furniture amps up the overall effect. Even if you can’t draw one, a circle always draws you in. Sticking with a neutral palette provides lots of opportunity for special touches. And did you notice the sculpted petal pattern in our Rose Tufted Rug that echoes the leaves in the window?

8x8 or larger

is perfect for a 48” table with chairs.


works well for a bistro table with chairs.

Set a Place for Style

A large rug in a rich, contrasting color accommodates a full-sized dining table and chairs—even when they’re pulled out. The diamond texture of our Moorish Tile Rug turns the rectangular table shape on a diagonal for added interest, direction and extra energy.

9x12 or larger

holds an 84" table and chairs.


holds a 66" table and chairs.

Create Your Comfort Zone

One big rug that extends beyond the bed by at least 18 inches on all sides (12 inches is fine for a full or twin) is pure indulgence. Note the toe-tempting texture of our Grand Light Blue Shag Rug and how it creates a platform for the bed itself? Yeah, we meant to do that.

Relax—You’ve Got This

Rules? Who needs them? Two matching 4x6 rugs on either side of the bed produce much the same effect, while still keeping those tootsies tantalized. Again, keep all the colors in the same family for a calming, harmonious vibe.

9x12 or larger

underlays a king and nightstands very nicely.


works for a queen when the nightstands are off the rug.

4x6 or 3x5

will flank your bed in affordable style.