Outdoor smallspace solutions

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, you don’t need a sprawling estate with a hedge maze. With a little planning, you can have big fun in any space you have available. Whether it’s a balcony, a small porch or even a corner in the yard, let us show you how to make the most of it.

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Oceans of inspiration

We’ve never measured it ourselves, but we’ve heard that more than 70% of earth is covered by water. Maybe that’s why the beachside look appeals to so many of us. No matter where you live, we can help you make it feel like you’re relaxing by the sea.

Designer Tip: Choose accents that have the look and feel of objects found during a casual walk on the beach. They’re great conversation starters!

Folk-art-inspired driftwood decor adds to the casual feel of this nook, and hand-placed mosaic tiles on the table complete the artistic vibe. Stackable all-weather wicker patio chairs are easy to rearrange, and an ocean-inspired pillow reinforces the theme, as well as your lumbar region, for long talks.

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Anywhere and everywhere

Bright, colorful, stackable patio chairs make short work of finding a spot for a long conversation. As long as you have a corner in the yard, or at least a fairly level driveway, you can easily arrange and rearrange them. Space-saving garden stools serve as extra seating, footrests or small dining tables.

Designer Tip: Look for every opportunity to make the outside as comfy as the inside. Our easy-care outdoor pillows and cushions should do the trick.

A corner in the backyard is the perfect place to go a little bolder and brighter with your decor. Colorful stacking chairs draw attention to your outdoor hangout spot, and a friendly frog offers a warm welcome.

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Your own corner bistro

Think of a romantic corner bistro. How do they fit all of that charm into such a small space? Usually it involves strategic placement of the outdoor furniture, bold color choices and a practical use for everything. So just take your own natural charm and think about what you want to do here.

Designer Tip: Bigger is actually better when it comes to setting the mood with wall decor. Too many pieces can make a small space feel cluttered.

A hand-tiled mosaic table provides an artistic touch for your private bistro. And you might think those plates are made of ironstone until you pick one up. They’re actually crafted of shatter-proof melamine.

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Level up for a fiesta

Borrow the bright, festive colors, and maybe a lime wedge or two, from your favorite cantina to squeeze maximum fun into a small space. Bar-height patio furniture raises you up so you’ll never feel closed in.

Designer Tip: Don’t worry about overdoing it. You need tons of bold color to pull off this look. It’s all about fun, from the pitchers to the napkin rings.

Set a festive mood in your cantina with plenty of colorful lanterns and string lights. A hand-tiled mosaic bar cart keeps the party moving along. Now all you need is some margaritas and a bowl of chips!

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Glamping on the patio

You don’t need to own a Moroccan villa to enjoy the feel of exotic rooftop dining. Even a small patio has room for glamping or treating yourself to a little glamorous luxury while enjoying the great outdoors.

Designer Tip: Multitasking is the key for any small space. Garden stools and modular sectional seating can be easily rearranged for dining or lounging.

Spoiling yourself is the idea here. Soft outdoor pillows and cushions, copper-colored accents and sheer outdoor curtains to shut out any disturbances from the outside world.

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The Whole World on your patio

East meets West, right in your own backyard. Combine the best of both worlds for a look that is somehow bold and vibrant yet tranquil and relaxing at the same time. Handcrafted lanterns and golden accents lend an exotic flair, but the comfy rug and floor pillows invite you to kick your shoes off and take it easy.

Designer Tip: Sleek, modular seating with neutral cushions allows you to spice up the color palette with your pillow choices.

A serene golden Buddha sets the tone for quiet contemplation, but a handcrafted gem lantern and a pineapple table say it’s OK to have fun here, too. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, after all.

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