Spruce Up For Spring

Spring’s arrival is the perfect time to spruce up your home’s decor. Bid winter a final farewell and throw open your windows to the warm sunshine and fresh air that this new season brings. Sprinkle spring throughout every room with a refresh of accessories, florals and fragrance.

Florals & Vases
Fragrance & Spheres
Flowers on a tray in a vase surrounded by pillows

Give your gatherings a casual feel by bringing a tray of decor down to eye level. Scatter a few comfy pillows around for an impromptu feel that’s actually quite clever.

Want to showcase your favorite dishes or accessories? Hang a tray on your wall for a distinctive shadowbox-inspired display. For a more traditional approach, feature a tray of goodies on your dining table.

Drinking glasses on a red tray

Our decorative trays go beyond breakfast in bed. Try incorporating them into your home in unexpected ways. Create a decorative niche by pairing the tray with coordinating accents, such as lamps, lanterns and vases.

Gold lamp on a tray White plates in a wooden tray
Embroidered springtime pillows Pillows

There’s nothing quite as soft and inviting as our pillows. We have a vast collection—hundreds, in fact—of solid and patterned pillows. Each is unique and many have been beaded and embellished by hand.

Pillows on a couch

If pillows have a favorite room in the house, the bedroom is probably it. Here, they can snuggle up alongside colorful bedding for a look that is part of your personal style. We predict a good night’s sleep in your future.

Flower decal

Play your pillows off the colors and patterns that surround them. You can even create different themes for each season by swapping one key pillow with another.

Pillows on a bed
Florals and Vases

Take inspiration from the garden and welcome faux florals into your home. This spring, these forever-in-bloom botanicals crop up in surprising ways—as a table runner, along the mantel and within an unused fireplace.

SHOP FLORALS SHOP VASES Flower arrangement for your dining table
Springtime flower arrangement with candles

Florals and vases look elegant on their own. And when they’re paired together? A magical combination. The right botanicals mix beautifully when paired with a vase that complements or contrasts the arrangement.

Japanese Maple

Our faux Japanese maple comes complete with a pretty pot of its own.

White woven basket
Woven basket with flowers
Fragrance and Spheres

Revitalize your home with a fresh spring fragrance. Candles and reed diffusers are pretty accents in their own right, and they really shine when you display them with eye-catching accessories, like our decorative spheres.

Bedside lamp with fragrant candle
Floral arrangements for the Spring season

Embrace the sense of renewal that spring brings by creating new vignettes within your home. Pair your favorite fragrance with a mosaic platter, or add a few spheres to a sculpture. These imaginative pairings are anything but ordinary.

Spheres are no longer just bowl fillers. They’ve taken on new shapes, such as hydrangeas and sunflowers. And they’re adorning all manner of decor, looking exquisite on shelves, mixed with centerpieces and displayed under glass cloches. This is a season full of surprises.

Flowers with decorative spheres Flowers decal