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Assorted-Color Dinnerware Set

Set the Scene

This summer, find
entertaining inspiration south
of the border, where zesty
colors and folksy designs are
par for the piquant course.

Center of Attention

Let the tequila become the life of the party all dressed up in our colorful Tassel and Pompom Bottle
Embellishment. Arriba!

Baked Bread And Cheese On Tray
Clear Margrita Glass With Green Liquid

So Refreshing

The perfect margarita is all about fresh, crisp flavors. It’s a simple mix of tequila, lime and triple sec served frozen or on the rocks in a handcrafted Blue Rim Margarita glass. Sounds pretty thirst-quenching, huh?


The Finishing Touches

Whether you’re planning a large family get-together or a casual brunch or you’re just looking around, you’ll find a nearly endless collection of bright ideas for your table—now it’s time to make it your very own.

Assorted-Color Bottle Decor

Create some colorful excitement by festooning your tequila bottle with tassels and pompoms.

Silver Butter Spreader

Unique serving pieces add personality to your
snack selections—spice things up with some
pepper jack cheese.

The Table at a Glance

You’ve pulled it all together, and what a sight it is! All your creativity and hard work have paid off. Now, all you have to do is add the guests and all your favorite nibbles for the best dining experience ever!

Round Brown, Blue, And Beige Ceramic Plates