We took it off the table, gave it the run of the house and came up with 7 new ideas.

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A Rustic Statement

As wall art, our beaded table runner, in a Native American-inspired pattern, partners with our handcrafted mango tray along with your antiquing finds—the black-and-white prints and the like-minded hat.

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Keep It Natural

Hand-woven baskets, a handcrafted, tan oak tray and our Metro TV Stand set an organic tone, and our jute table runner maintains the laid-back vibe with its cool fringe handcrafted of seashells, mother of pearl and glass beads

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Work the theme Work the theme
A Spot of Color A Spot Of Color

Branching Out

Your neutral living room looks even more stunning when you dress your coffee table with with our cotton-rich Desert Oasis Woven Clay Table Runner.

Branching Out

A New Direction

Set a casual table by placing runners widthwise across the table. If you use enough, as we have with our embroidered seashell version, you won’t need placemats—choose a fun charger instead.

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Work the theme Surprise them
A Spot of Color Lights Off

Bedside Table

Like a glass of water nearby at night? Our handcrafted cotton table runner will protect your furniture, as well as complement other accessories and add interest with texture and tassels.

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Vanity Topper

Add a finishing touch to your dressing table with a washable cotton table runner. If you spill makeup, it’s easy to clean up—no damaging your furniture. Plus, ours has charming, twisted fringe and a little silver sparkle.

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Work the theme Morning Routine
A Spot of Color Call it a day

Top It off with Beads

What goes well with wine, a martini or a cosmo? Our glitzy table runner, intricately embellished with glass beads, which adds a pop of pizzazz to the glass bar cart.

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Stylist Challenge: The options are endless

We asked our stylists from across the country to show us how it’s done. We’re sure you can impress us, too. Share more ways to decorate with table runners with #Pier1Love.