tent napkin fold

Here’s how to make the cutest campsite around. Gather up some friends, the materials listed and some of our plaid fall napkins. It’s time to make camp!

Materials Needed: • 4 8-inch dowels • 2 6-inch dowels • 1 10-inch dowel • 2 rubber bands • hot glue gun • string • 1 small craft stick • 1 3-inch square of felt or construction paper • 1 20-inch square cloth napkin

Twist a rubber band about
an inch from the top of two
8-inch dowels.


Open the dowels. On the
first pair, the top stick opens
to the right. On the second, it
opens to the left.

Measure the distance by
seeing where the 6-inch
dowel touches both ends.

Glue in place.

Hold to dry. Repeat.

Use a clothespin to stand up
both triangles and lay the
10-inch dowel across the top.

Glue in place. Hold to dry.

Wrap string around where
the dowels cross.

Cut felt or paper into a
triangle and glue to craft

Glue to the end of the frame.

Fold the napkin in half and lay it evenly over the top.

Get out more!

Enjoy the versatility of this project
by using the tents in everything
from dioramas to a place for
guests to pick up their utensils.